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Chiseled Face Ghost Town EdP and Bay Rum Soap and Aftershave are now available

Chiseled Face Ghost Town EdP and Bay Rum Soap and Aftershave are now available. That sums it up. Tons of you have asked for the EdP, and Bay Rum is the first new scent Chiseled Face has released in over a year.

I'm pretty stoked!

Groomatorium links below, but also available on chiseledface.com
Bay Rum
Ghost Town EdP
well, the new bottles of GTB are very pretty, but I'm happy with the one I have. It's a powerful EDC that lasts all day for me. Great stuff!
Thanks. I didn't change for the looks, but these are much easier to get, and I had issues with a couple of the old bottles leaking, which I HATE. These seem like better quality, and I liked the larger size better too.
Hi @Groomatorium I just stumbled across the Bay Rum soap via topofthechain here in Canada and being that your line of work has a strong following, I'm thinking of trying it out. Thing is, I've been somewhat disappointed with the couple I have from other vendors which has me hesitant to try others. (or maybe my interpretation of Bay rum is off)
I really like the sound of the ginger and lime addition. How noticeable are these two scents?

Hopefully, someone who's already ordered the C.F version can be a Guinea Pig for us. :)
@FloridaCreekIndian Let me know what you think - it's the first new scent I've made in about 2 years. Really looking forward (nervously) to see what people have to say about it.

@emwolf Thanks for the kind words!

I completely forgot about this post. Your Bay Rum soap and aftershave are outstanding! I keep going between yours and PAA Atomic Bay Rum. They are both amazing products! Now you need to make matching balms! If you can capture your AS scent in a balm I would be all over it!
I am considering balms, but unfortunately, they tend to sell very poorly, so I don't know if it would be wise to invest in the production of balms before other products in the pipeline. I have not ruled it out though!
If you make the balm in Bay Rum, I will buy it! Oh, Cryogen balm would be AWESOME too!
If you decide to stop producing the Bay Rum PLEASE, and I mean PLEASE let me know ahead of time so I can stock up on it big time! I hope all your reviews have been positive! Its something to be proud of.
Oh, I have no intention of discontinuing the bay rum anytime soon. I have wanted to make one for years, just didn't want to use any preblends, and wasn't happy with any of my attempts at it. This one I am finally happy with - all essential oil based except for the "rum" note.
That is GREAT news! That definitely needs to be a permanent fixture on your shelves!!!!
I wanted to try Ogallala BR too so ordered a second bottle of Chiseled Face and the double strength Ogallala BR. Your BR blows that out of the water.
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