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Chip on DE89, any suggestions?

I have a little chip on the side of the lower part of the DE89, so the zinc or copper is exposed (where the blade rests when it's shaving), I have had the razor for two years and don't remember dropping it (maybe it clinked against something else).

Will the exposed metal rust or should I continue shaving without worries?

I really like my DE89 and I was wondering if there was a site where you could purchase a replacement for that part.

If not, what should I replace the the top part with?
If it's just through to the copper, then you may be OK, if it's through to the zinc alloy, that's it.

These razors are made from Zamak, (zinc alloy) which is neutral copper plated (to seal the zinc) and then nickel and finally chrome plated. Acids in a nickel or chrome bath and even soaps react with the zinc so it'll literally dissolve from the inside once the zinc is exposed.

If the zinc isn't pitted it is possible to replate it, but it'll be more cost-effective to buy a replacement head.

Hope this helps
Was given a new DE89 by vendor. Any tips on keeping it in mint condition?

What do you recommend cleaning it with?

I am storing the new razor in a glasses case to protect it from incidental contact.
I rinsed mine with just water and towel dryed it after every shave. If it gets a little grungy, an old toothbrush and some dish detergent should spiff it up. :001_tt2: I loved my EJ but went on to other razors just because of the Zamak. For me, the next step was a Stainless Steel Weber.
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