Chinese Schick Injector Blade Love

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by squirrel_nut_zipper, Nov 1, 2010.

    I don't have a lot of Injector experience under my belt, but I am blown away by the difference between the Personna and Chinese Schick blades. The Personna seemed okay, but the Schick is head and shoulders above in both sharpness and smoothness -- and the all-metal dispensers (aluminum, maybe?) just makes them that much better. The Personna can had for less dough, but I have zero qualms about paying a little extra for the Schick. I'm definitely going to stock up on these puppies before any "discontinued production" scares arise.
  1. Gotta agree, they are great blades. I found them a mom and pop drugstore, $7.32 for 7 blades but worth every cent.
  2. They are the only injector blades I use.
  3. yeah they're much better than the pella/personna/ems blades

    wait 'till you come across some NOS blades :devil:
  4. I agree. I can get a pack of the Schicks for around $5, but they are smooth, sharp and last a long time. I have a pack of the Personna, but they just don't compare to the Schicks. :thumbup1:
  5. These are good and in all honesty better than the EMS/ Pella blades.
  6. Are these the Schick injector blades sold on amazon? Are there any better online prices?
  7. Yes, the blades from Amazon are the Chinese versions. You can actually top the price by .11ยข a pack by signing up for a subscription service at Amazon to receive periodic shipments (then cancel when you achieve your desired stockpile). Signing up for the subscription takes 15% off the list price and the shipping is free even if the order is under $25. Either place is good, and hocks ships free if your order is over $29.
  8. I am always impressed with the schick blades. I get about 7 shaves from each blade, which is almost unheard of in this hobby. They are just as good as a Platinum NOS blade from schick.

    Personna injector blades were a little rough for my taste.

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