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Chin technique

My chin is my shaving nemesis. The whiskers grow so thick and strong there that they scoff at the razor. Over the past few months I have been experimenting with various techniques to get that area smooth without any irritation. It is a very difficult thing to do.

After my 3rd pass, I generally relather my chin area only and go to work against the grain very lightly "blade buffing". This has had very limited success. Either I leave stubble or my chin gets horribly irritated. I have seen posts in the past where people use a shave stick to blade buff, but I have always been skeptical. After all, I thought, what is the difference between that and using the lather left over in my brush? I can now say it makes a huge difference.

I have a QED Vanilla shave stick which has been hanging around waiting to get melted. I have been using this after my 3rd pass, rubbing it aggressively against the grain and then shaving upward lightly with the razor. The lubrication is great, and I have been getting that area cleaner than it ever has been before, without irritation. Give it a try and see how it works for you. It is amazing how something as simple as shaving can keep you learning new things.
i agree with you about the shave stick....but the response to that is "you should have been using the qed product all along"...I don't know who would tell you that, though...

but i have the B/B stick handy on my counter and use it for my touchup too. I do shave as it comes up in the order...

great stuff charles got there....

mark tssb
Another tip is to use a hot towel for a few minutes directly over the chin area with nice and tight pressure. It should soften that area real well.

I've tried this technique the last few days and I must say it works! I have a couple of trouble spots that feel slick as I finish my shave but after I rinse with cold water and dry, they're not all that slick. That's when I've been going back with the shave stick and take care of them. Thanks for the tip.

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