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    I would like to arrange a get together with the Chicago area shavers, and would like to gauge interest. I have spoken Anthony, owner of the Merz Apothecary, located in the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago, and he would like to assist and sponsor this gathering. The Merz Apothecary is an old fashioned shaving store with razors, soaps, brushes, DE Razors, straight razors, bath soaps, colognes, aftershaves, and accoutrements. Merz has offered to arrange for a conference room in the Palmer House, invite vendors from brush, soap, DE razor, straight razor, aftershave, and scent companies; to have shaving demonstrations, give away samples, offer discounts on products sold at the Merz store and via their online store, and possibly arrange for a liquor company to have a taste testing. In addition, we can have a meet and greet in the amazing Palmer House bar. In order to arrange all of the vendors, Anthony said this would have to take place sometime early in October, possibly on a Thursday after work. So if you are located in the Chicago area or relatively close like parts of Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan, this is likely to be a great event and a chance to share some laughs with others who actually understand our hobby and acquisition disorders. Please get some discussion going on this so I may tweak this and make this an enjoyable event. I look forward to hearing from you, and in October, meeting you!
  1. Cool! I work downtown, so this would be very convenient.
  2. Hmm, Google maps puts me over 180 miles away...
    Sounds like I could possibly make it.:thumbup1:
  3. I have exams all next week, but I would be down after that.
  4. This sounds great! Merz really is an awesome place.

    As crazy as it sounds, I've been considering moving out of Chicago lately, but my hope is to stay. If I'm still here, you can count me in for sure! :thumbup1:

    Perhaps in the meantime we could arrange something more informal? Just a get together without any sponsorship anything. If anyone's interested, perhaps a meetup at Goose Island or Hopleaf or the Map Room, though I guess those latter two can tend to be rather crowded. Just a thought!
  5. Depending on exact dates, I wouldnt mind making the trek from Peoria.
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  6. You can count me in. I also work downtown.
  7. I'd definitely be up for that. Sounds like it could be classic. Now if we could find a way to add cigarsÂ…:shifty:
  8. Chicago would be a nice meeting place for an annual wet shaving conference/expo. I am not familiar with any such event, but I could see something taking off with all the interest in wet shaving.
  9. Go Bradley
  10. Has there ever been an annual wetshaing get together of some type such as a conference, seminar, or expo anywhere?
  11. Lately there has been a Big Shave West, then East, now upcoming SWest Home in Arizona

    Also ShaveMeetUp - Bringing shavers together
    nothing currently listed.

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