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Hello, I am fairly new to wetshaving and definitely new to this forum, and compared to some of the folks here, new to the world in general (21 years old) :).

There is so much info to read in this place that I thought I might never make a post, but I figured I might as well say hello to introduce myself before going back to reading more!

I started shaving in my late teens because I was a late bloomer and had a mental aversion to growing up and puberty!

I used a Mach3 and Edge Cleansing shave gel out of a can for the longest stretch of time. I did do some nominal research that helped me get the most out of that shave.

Then I started reading about the decadence of the true wetshaving experience! I spend about 3 weeks on eBay just waiting for the right razor.

During that period of time, I switched to a Sensor and Williams Classic Shave soap, nice grounded old-timey scent, and a $5 Burma Wal-Mart purchased brush.

By the way, I use a very classy Bauer bowl for lathering - highly collectible ;D

I now am the proud owner of my first DE razor, a 1969 4 1/2 inch Gillette Super Adjustable, that came with a Sheffield blade.

I also made an amazing eBay find for a Badger brush - an English made, no brand name that I know of, real Ebony handle brush with a luxurious super badger mid-size knot, and my first tub of luxury 'real' shaving cream, Cyril L. Salter Almond Cream. Both of these items are now mine, for the low low price of $40 including shipping from the UK.

I am still learning to 'become one with the blade' in my zen-like practice that I love so dearly now, and the problems I face now still in my first week of true wetshaving are those of small nicks, and an extremely tight-face sensation about 5-10 minuts after my shave that makes it impossible to smile and lasts for about 15-20 minutes! Also bothered by the 5 o'clock shadow that seems to remain even after a very close shave. Any suggestions will be welcomed but I will be around here quite often to read up some more and I will be improving my visage every day on my own! My sideburns dissappear totally after my shave and become smoothe and silky as a baby's you know what every time I shave, so I know I can do it!

Love this forum and soon I wil post pictures of my things because I love sharing them and there is such a wonderful community vibe here that I can't help myself!!

Welcome to the collective Kyle!

Nice acquisitions- however, I did not notice an after shave balm recorded; you will need this!

also, as you are going to research the site, you will find the info u need; but if u don't, we are here to help.

Resistance is futile- you will be assimilated!


Welcome to B&B, the best spot on the web for talking shaving! Glad to hear you're enjoying wetshaving. The Sensor is still the best cartridge razor made IMHO, so don't feel bad about using it when you need to. I have one with a George Trumper Custom Ivory Handle and love to use it, on mornings I'm in a hurry or for 'clean up' sometimes.
jduffy said:
Ah, grasshopper....

Be the razor, not the blade.

Hey, Sir-Shave-A-Lot!

This may sound strange but before I even posted this message, before I was anywhere near my computer, I was *thinking* about posting a message and I swear the words in my head imagining the responses were Just like that! "Ah, Grasshopper..." Wow! :eek:
welcome to B&B. I found that when i concentrated on proper angle and pressure and just focussed on getting the most conforable shave i could that the smoothness came on its own.
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