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Checking in and HI to all

Thanks again for all of the warm welcomes and I appreciate the responses.

So today was the PAA DOC, an Astra SP blade on it's 2nd use, Dreamscape scuttle, EJ best badger, Prorasso green tube, alum block, and Prorasso after shave lotion.

The shave was very close to the Razorock SLOC with the Astra SP from a few days before. So now after just less than one (1) week and four (4) razors I think I may have a preference for the OC style. I think for the next several shaves I will alternate between the SLOC and the PAA DOC using the same blade in each and cycle through the 15 different tucks that I have. My experience with the AL13 from a couple of days ago using the 5-pack Astra SP blades makes me think I will just set that 5-pack aside and when I get back to the AL13 try something different for a blade. The attached image is of the blades I will cycle through and another shot of my shaving cabinet.

Take care,


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Welcome, Scott! You are prime B&B material for sure. Let us know how it goes with the shaving. And whatever else is on your mind, this is a very eclectic (and pleasant) place.
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