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Check out the new brush!

Just got my custom made brush in and thought I'd share it with you fine gentleman. So without further adieu, below is what I started with:


And this is what I got back:


And for a little backstory, I acquired the wood you see above from an indigenous tree while I was overseas. Since returning home and getting into the art of straight shaving I got the idea to have the wood made into a brush and scales(hopefully getting these done soon!) Unfortunately, I lack the resources and know-how to accomplish such a goal so I contacted Golden Nib to see if they could. It was through them that I was put in touch with a fella by the name of Rudy. He was extremely helpful, communicative and, most importantly, skilled.

As for the specs on this bad boy, Rudy stabilized it and then filled in a pronounced crack, and coated it, with a cyanoacrylate glue. He then fit it with a 22mm two-band finest knot and had it engraved with the Coast Guard emblem.

Anyone looking to have this kind of work done I highly recommend Rudy. He can be reached at [email protected].
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