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Cheapest traditional shave possible

How much are they now? I'm thinking maybe a little bit expensive for today's market tho' (for what it is).
When I first got into wet shaving a lot of people recommended them - they were about 25 bux then. But now, when you can get a good synth for 15-20 ish, I'm not so sure.

I usually watch for them to go on sale. I haven't spent more than $10 for one. They make a nice Christmas gift too, with a tube of proraso.
Vintage Gillette Slim, Paid $1.98 in 1962, Still in excellent condition
Astra SP Blades, $12 per 100
Vie Long Cachurro brush $12- $19
Mixed Williams puck soap/ 1/2 bar Dove soap $1.59/ $1.25
Lucky Tiger or Home Made After Shave (Bay Rum) 16 oz $11 / ?
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