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    In Sweden we have lots of good new DE razors we can buy, often at the same price as you guys in UK and USA.
    What we don't have is all the cheap ones I read about in here.
    It's very entertaining to read about all the cheap American, English, Indian and Chinese razors you write about here, some good ones like Baili and Weishi.
    Sure, I ca order them from the bay or Allie-express but now we have this "penalty-tax" on all the chinese goods making the cheap razor about 8 Euro's more.
    I can also order from UK but some vendors in UK have horrible shipping fees.
    We have however a Swedish vendor selling cheap Chinese razors rebranded to their own name making a razor looking excactly like a Weishi 9306 cost 25 Euro's and an "original" Q-shave Futur 30 Euro's.

    Anyway, when I browsed through Ebay UK I saw a razor called "Focus World", and I came to think of Candure and Kanzy.
    I know I have read that Kanzy K100 is a cheap and quite priceworthy razor, but anyone trying or heard of Focus World?
    Their razors starts at £4 and goes up to around £13, and £40 for a complete set.
  1. I have never heard of them before but looks like they distribute beauty products generally made in China. Their "Our History" (spelt as Hostory) takes you to a shop page of discounted items. Looks like a front for a distribution warehouse. The company is registered in the UK (Scotland) and has been trading since November 2016; their business is listed as: Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet.
    Not much of a track record really but probably no different from the vendors on fleabay or aliexpress.
  2. Pepin

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    How is the supply of vintage razors?
    There were several DE manufacturers in the past.
  3. Can't really help with this issue, but buying a cheapie has always been a loss for me, so honestly, I think it's safer to invest that money in something better. :)
  4. Indian manufacturers/vendors like Pearl Shaving and other very inexpensive and widely available metal razors from Lord and Rapira also offer options if you want to avoid Chinese products/vendors or UK and American shipping fees.
  5. @Pepin
    On the swedish bay, called Tradera, there are lots of nice vintage razors. English Gillettes and swedish Matador and Swing. Usually they start off at 4 Euro's but they quickly goes up.

    We have some Chinese and Indian razors here, but they are all rebranded and costs from 25-25 Euro's and up.

    Thank you for your info.
    I have not looked too closely on their website.
  6. On eBay in the UK you can buy an Ever-Ready 1912 razor, which is as good as anything out there, for the price of a half litre of draught beer in Sweden. If we assume the beer will last 30 minutes, and the razor has lasted 100 years, then the razor for the same money will last around 1,600,000 times longer. Just saying.....
  7. I will have to take a closer look att eBay UK :)
  8. Funny thing is, here in Sweden Feather Popular is one of the cheapest DE razor you can buy.
    It cost 15 Euro, the Wilkinson Sword plastic DE is 13 Euro.
    Lord is not available here (but I bouht one from England for 7 Euro incl shipping) and Rapira I think is more expensive than the Popular.
    And as I said before, the cheap Chinese razors in Sweden are rebranded and cost from 20-25 Euro and up.
    It would be nice to go in to a supermarket and just buy a cheap and cheerful Chinese or Indian DE razor for a couple of Euros just for the fun of it.
  9. The inexpensive, decent quality razor options from vendors like Maggards, West Coast Shaving, Italian Barber, etc. and manufacturers like Rockwell and others here in North American are a very recent phenomena. It wasn't that long ago that I was grateful to find a Lord L6 to begin my wet shaving journey.

    I'm certain that entrepreneurs in Sweden and the rest of the EU will catch-up in no time.

    As an aside, the only major Swedish vendor I know of is Razor Blades Club. Are there any others?
  10. Great point! I will say though that I buy quite a bit from Gifts & Care out of Spain. You might want to give them a look.
  11. I feel your pain. The situation in Norway is similar, although our tax equivalent is being implemented early next year, so I've made sure to order a bunch of cheap Chinese razors before that happens. Our countries are fairly small as well, which I think contributes to how expensive niche products are.

    If you don't have to pay any extra tax/fees on shipments within the EU, I'd definitely check Ebay for vintage razors. The British Gillettes have a good reputation here, and I really like my Rocket, which quickly became my main razor.
  12. I forgot about G&C. Good vendor for a great selection and prices, but only cost-effect for us Americans and Canadians with very big orders. I particularly appreciate their LEA product selection.
  13. I picked up a super speed clone aft Dollar Tree for $1. It's OK, that's it. Good travel razor.

  14. What's LEA?

    My orders aren't that big 1 - 2 hundred. But not paying the VAT really makes it a great deal.
  15. Is there any sort of domestic razor manufacturing business that the import taxes are supposed to protect?
  16. Oh, it's just VAT and a handling fee. For any international purchase, not just razors. Currently there's an exemption for orders of less than ~40$, and that's what's being removed soon. It's happening due to lobbying from Norwegian business, but it really sucks for consumers of niche products such as the ones we're discussing on this forum.

    The handling fee is currently ~$19, and our VAT is 25%, so I'm sure you can imagine why I'm stocking up while I still can. The fee in Sweden is significantly lower, but will still double the price of a cheap Chinese razor.

    On topic for OP: The cheapest shipping from UK vendors that I've found is Connaught Shaving and The English Shaving Company.
  17. LEA shaving products, both the regular and "Classic".
  18. I did the same recently. $1.08 for a razor and five blades.

  19. I ended up with three Baili razors by accident (two that I wanted and one that I ordered by mistake), each of them can be found for less than $8 (I paid around $11 to get a plastic travel box).

    All three are good, with two (176 3-piece and 179 TTO) being very good.

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