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Cheap, cheap, cheap!

Wanted to get something shaving related for my grown nephew and what is looking like my future son in law for Christmas.
Knowing it my be a lost gesture, at least for now I wanted to keep the price low in case it gets shoved to the back of the drawer or else. If either of them take an interest I will have them covered.

So after spending way too much time trying to decide/find a deal I ended up getting them each a super cheap Omega synthetic. I did not want to get them anything with natural hair that might need a defunking as that would kill any hopes of them taking it up. Plus the fact that it dries super fast was a plus as well. I also got them each a tube of Proraso green from B&BW. Since it was 3 for the price of 2 I kept one for myself and I also got myself one of the same brushes for testing purposes. Its workable, not great but it does its job.
Like I said, hopefully one of them will try it and like it.


it does not look comfortable to use. To be honest, it looks like a golf shoe cleat scrubbing brush. :crying:

hopefully it doesn't turn them off at the though of using a brush and soap. The Proraso was a great choice and perhaps you should tell them "paint" strokes with this brush.
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I'm not sure where ya are, but the Body Shop brushes are terrific and always under 12$. Also there shave cream is very good and the after shave balm in Maca Root is wonderful.
I have one just like that in red that I use as a travel brush. Yes, it does have a good bit of backbone but it's not uncomfortable to use at all. I don't know if it's a brush I'd recommend to someone starting out wetshaving, but there are definitely worse brushes out there.
If I'm going to give someone a brush, I give them something they will treasure. To see if they would appreciate it or not, I often loan a good brush and a mug with some nice soap to a week or two.

Fortunately, there are enough really nice Chinese brushes that you don't need to break the bank. The last two I gave away cost me $36.00 for a 26mm Silvertip and $25.00 for a 21mm Silvertip. Both are treasured by their new owners.
You can get a Kent Infinity Silvertex (an EXCELLENT synthetic brush from a legendary company) for $20 shipped. I don't think the value/quality ration can be beat, and it's a great travel or everyday brush.
The Van Der Hagen Luxury set is a good starter setup for less than $30 shipped. You get a nice mug, decent badger brush, stand, and a puck of nice-smelling VDH Luxury soap.
I gave out some Semogue 1470's as gifts because I thought the quality for the price was the highest. In hindsight, I'd probably go with an Omega boar because they seem to break in quicker.

The VDH Luxury kit isn't half bad either.
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