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Chatillion Lux EdT’s en route


I have the following EdT samples en route for delivery today:

I’m curious as to what I’ll find. I would describe myself as scent ignorant. Of course I’ve used cologne regularly in the past but have never gone up on the scent strength scale.

I also have no idea what to expect. The scent note descriptions tell me nothing of what I am to expect when they are all put together. Very pleased with the customer service so far though. Shawn reached out to me after the order and thanked me proactively for my business. Then he answered a couple of questions via email within minutes. That’s a great start!


Ad Astra

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A good move ... or, three good moves!

Report back. CL absolutely puts good things into soap ...

Nice! I have the Champs de Lavande aftershave that (I think) is similar to the Lavender Poigre, and it’s really good. I’d call it a spicy lavender. Post reviews of the frags once you try them out!


I just received the new release from Chatillon Lux, Sni Mato. Today's my first day with it, so it's way too early to decide. But I like it so far. I've got eight or so EdTs from Chatillon Lux, and I like them all. Shawn has a very good nose.
I have a few CL edt samples from a lot that came in the other day, really looking forward to trying them out. I’ve enjoyed their AS’s I’ve used so far, and from first sniffs the edt’s seem pretty complex.