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Charcoal Goods Level 2 is a pussycat. Bring on Level 3

Received a Level 2 from the recent drop on their website and very pleased with it.
Beautifully constructed and a joy to look at at and hold. The hammered handle is a bit smaller than it looks
in person...I would have liked something maybe a cm longer and thicker (which might well be their magnum handle).

I got the bright brass one and it looks very nice. Thinking of getting some acrylic lacquer to seal in the finish for a long time.

Very easy to get along with and smooth....aggressiveness wise, quite placid but delivered a super smooth end result in the usual 2.5 passes...I do one wtg, then atg and then one sideways across the neck, plus some touch up....i was a bit wary of the level 3 but i feel i can now order that baseplate with confidence.

My pics are taken in natural light without much thought or technical input. It is a lot brighter in real life but in a very matt sort of way. (so a bit undecided whether to apply matt lacquer or glossy).

Nice write up and you have to love the finish quality on the likes of these types of razors. Once you have the L3 head it will always be nice knowing you have the L2 head to hand.
I love my level two oc hammered.

Regarding the handle, I agree it is thinner than expected. I would love a thicker hammered at the same length... Maybe a short Magnum.
Here is my CG Adjustable SS Lev1 SB, Copper DC Lev2, Brass DC Lev 3. Brian makes truly functional works of art.
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