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FS Charcoal Goods Handles, Feather AS-D2S, GEM Starling, Panta Rei Brush

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Hello everyone, I have a few things for sale. Shipping is included in price CONUS only please. Accepting payments via paypal and not looking for any trades at the moment.

Starting in no particular order:
  • Rex Stainless Stand - $38
  • Feather Stainless AS-D2S (w/stand) - $155
  • Charcoal Goods Stainless Torpedo Handle - $65
  • Charcoal Goods Stainless Vertigo Handle - $65
  • Charcoal Goods Stainless Gen 4 Top Cap - $60
  • PAA Aluminum GEM Starling V2 (latest edition) - $50
  • Panta Rei Manchurian Badger Shaving Brush - $95 IMG_2368.jpeg IMG_2363.jpeg IMG_2364.jpeg IMG_2371.jpeg IMG_2378.jpeg IMG_2376.jpeg IMG_2372.jpeg
Prices include shipping for CONUS only please.
  • Stirling Barbershop Soap & Splash (Only used once) - $22
  • Dr. Harris Windsor Aftershave Splash (Over 90% remaining) - $25
  • Castle Forbes Lavender Aftershave Balm (Over 90% remaining) - $28 IMG_2290.jpeg IMG_2294.jpeg IMG_2382.jpeg
Panta Rei Brush Sold!
Rex Stand Sold!
Feather Stand Sold!

Feather Stainless Razor still available for sale. Asking $105 shipping included.

Thanks all for looking.
Feather Razor Sold!
Dr. Harris Windsor AS Sold!
PAA GEM Starling Sold!

Charcoal Goods stuff still available.
Stirling Barbershop set still available.

Thanks All!
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