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Charcoal Goods Brass Release


The brass razors were just released for May/June!

If you like and your face can tolerate it the Level 3 baseplates are great. No where near as dangerous as iKon tech or R41 and much smoother. Enjoy your haul.
Got myself another CG razor.

Antique Brass Top Cap - Gen4
Antique Brass Baseplate Open Comb (Level-2) - Gen 1
Antique Brass Hammered Handle
Which one is the mild they make now?
Any comparison to Razorock GC .68-p
Any information is appreciated
I have a level 1 Charcoal Goods in SS and would say that it is in the range of the RR.68. The level 2 is very smooth and really kicks up the efficiency
I own a level one Generation 1 open comb brass CG razor. Got it a couple of years ago before the operation moved and when you could still find what you wanted on the website. I'd love to get a level one or two straight bar, but I'm tired to death of going to the web site and finding a brass cap and a copper baseplate and a stainless handle, maybe. Having to watch the site daily and possibly assemble a razor over a period of months as he makes these parts this month and those parts next month isn't worth the effort to me. There's good solid competition out there that makes excellent razors. I understand he wants to keep this a small, one man operation. That's a great environment to work in, but I have to admit that I haven't got the patience to shop the way he wants to sell.