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Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

Received this CG'S handle today. It is gorgeous! I bought it more than a year ok but had it mailed to my sister in LA to save shipping international because we planned to visit LA soon. You'll never guess what happened next! We haven't left our little Island in the Canadian Pacific Ocean for over a year. I finally lost patience and had her mail it to me. So, this brass handle has been sitting in a drawer for over a year. Never seen the light, never been wet or Imagepipe_13.jpg even touched! The patina is fabulous. Glad to have it, although I was waiting a couple of years for Brian to make this design in copper. Now I see that he's still a year away from any handle production, and even that is tentative. Hope he does well with his new start up.
I've been neglecting this razor lately as other new shiny things have arrived recently, but I pulled it out today for a shave that matches anything else in my collection for efficiency but with amazing smoothness that not many can match.
I wish I had a Level three to try. View attachment 1283486
The Level 3 Gen 2 is quite efficient and still smooth.

You've inspired me to use it today for High Efficiency June. :)
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