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Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

I own CG lv2 ss, Florian Cross handle
Have not seen many on the wild
Stunning shaver and masterful art piece
Have not used much as I now am straight razor shaving
Sunday shave with my Favorite Charcoal Goods, CG Copper Stinger Level 2 loaded with a GSB(5) blade, used GroomingDept Bergamot & Lavender Fortis soap. Incredible artisan Craftsmanship, Beautiful Art Piece, and what a BBS Shave; My favorite CG never disappoints, and leaves my skin glass smooth! Happy Shaves my CG Brotherhood!
Hoping to get a gen 2 lvl 3 baseplate in copper once he opens shop
He only made gen2 lvl 2 baseplate in copper. He made lvl 3 copper in gen 1. I believe he only made gen 2 lvl 3 baseplate in stainless steel. But maybe he will make it in the future, hope so.
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I hope I "discover" a CG razor in my drawer today that I didn't know I had!
I hear you, @BradWorld is killing me.......

You know, I still can’t believe that happened. I came across a pic from last fall that has that mystery stainless Level 3. So I must have gotten it some time ago and just forgot about it. I moved houses back in December. All of my razors got reorganized and put into a big curio cabinet sometime in January. So I have been unearthing some really good archeological finds lately. 😜 Anyways, today feels like a Charcoal Goods kind of day. So I will take that SS Level 3 for another spin.
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