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Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

these are great razors. mine is the brass level 2 with the anchor handle.my choice as i was in the navy over 50 years ago but they very well made and quite different i think.john
Wow stunning! That brass handle attached to the CG head in pic one is a looker.
Thanks. The one that is attached, with the knurling, is from Alpha Shaving Co. They are on Etsy as AlphaShavingCo. They are on Facebook as Alpha Brush & Shaving Company, and Steve Tinter, the owner, also has a page. The other handle that isn't connected to the head is a custom from TiBam. That one came with the head when I bought it.
I'm still debating one of these. I was kind of disappointed with Timeless
No offense. Just wasn't for me.
Best Razor ever. Handles are also best in the business IMO(even tho the SS one is a Weber) Been waiting for a new design for SS, hopefully he brings back the OG bishop. Magnum was too big and vertigo is a bit too long. Wish he made the vertigo 3.5in. Too beautiful to let go of thooooo haha 2E77D8E8-4C1A-4CDF-B4C1-805D20EAE0BF.jpeg
I've had tons of DE razors: vintage Gillettes, ATTs, Oristo, Ikon Standard & Tech, a couple of Wolfmen, several Timeless, Merkurs, an R41. I kept one ATT R2 and one Timeless .95 open comb. I thought nothing could beat the .95 OC, but then I finally landed a Charcoal Goods level 2 with the newest cap and plate. It is very close, but if anything beats that Timeless it is the CG. On a side note, I also have had three single edge razors: Vector, ATT SE2, and Asylum RX. The Vector is too mild for me so I sold it. The other two are right there with the Timeless and CG. The SE2 is especially efficient.
No Blackland razors?