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Charbert soap from early 1940. Just got this today...

I don't know whether to use it or save it. There can't be too many of these left: The middle has a picture of William Gaxton who was an actor during this time and also a VP of Charbert perfumery.
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okay, first off - WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS? I want to know immediately. Whether or not to use it, a toss-up. Be great for the wow factor, but if you do you destroy the pristine quality of this find as an artifact.
Hi Porkpie,

It came from an estate sale with some other unbelieveable old items. At this point, I think I'll keep it unused primarily due to its relative scarcity. I think I saw that someone else on this forum has one.
I'd use it at least once to try it.
If it was Marylin Monroe's soap and there was a blond hair stuck to the puck I might feel differently....
Otherwise - I'd lather it up right away. I love old soaps. To me they aren't artifacts for a museum - they're little shards of history that offer a glimpse into the luxurious simplicity of days gone by.
I would use it. I just acquired two pucks of vintage Williams off Ebay and you can bet that I'm going to use them in my rotation. The lather the vintage tallow soaps make is just amazing. Its slick, thick, and gives plenty of cushion. You owe it to yourself to at least try it a couple times.

If you are tempted to use it I'd consider flipping the puck around and lather up from the bottom end thereby preserving that cool image on top.:001_huh:
I would use common sense and tell you to save it...BUT....last year I opened a pack of sealed Philip Morris cigarettes from 1940 and smoked one of 'em :huh:

Do what you feel, brotha!
One odd way to look at it would be in using it you are lathering up with a cow that was slaughtered somewhere before WWII engulfed the entire world.
I agree with splitting the difference, and lathering from the bottom so as to preserve the image in the top.

At least once...
Congratulations on the find! My vote is use it... one doesn't know (when the time comes) whether the person going through your estate will feel the same way about it that you do!
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