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    Can you help please badgerandblade I want to put a 22mm maggards two band finest not in a yaki 24mm red marble handle is that possible many thanks
  1. You could epoxy one in after removing the old knot. Some care would be needed trying to center it in the hole. The old knot would need to be drilled or scraped out after cutting as much of the bristles loft out as possible.
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    Just about anything is possible these days. I would do plenty of research first. The link to the Brush Making and Restoration is a great place to start. Good luck if you go ahead and please keep us posted on your efforts.
  3. Is your question one of size (22mm knot in a 24mm handle) or whether the existing yaki knot can be removed?
  4. Yes I would like to no if it's possible to put a 22mm in a 24 Handel thanks again
  5. In theory that should work very well. When renovating old brushes I always aim to have the knot diameter a couple of mm less than that of the hole. Note, however, that the measurements provided by manufacturers can be very approximate, so a certain amount of adjustment/improvisation can be required to get a good fit.
  6. +1!! This is where the true experts hang out!! Those guys can help.
  7. I would steam the old knot out. Its usually the cleanest and most effective way I've found...
  8. It will work fine but expect it to splay a bit more than it would in a handle that originally had a 22mm after some use. If I was doing it I’d buy a 24mm knot because I like less splay and more backbone, but it all depends on your personal preference. Weird thing, I have one like that and it’s one of my favorite brushes, solely because it fills the gap between my silvertips that splay a lot and my two band finests that don’t. I know, I pretty much just contradicted myself, but since I have the one I wouldn’t do it again.

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