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Evening, Gents (and interested Ladies, too):

Phase 1 included daily shaving with my pre-war Tech, Proraso (Red) and a Personna Blue blade. As my confidence, competency and ability increased, I was able to get more than 3 shaves out of a blade. Did that for about 2 weeks, Checking in here from time to time to gather more information. And to shop, but don't tell my wife. No other modifications or changes attempted or required. Time to make the first change.

Phase 2 included every-other-day shaving, now with a Super Speed I just acquired (had to try it out, you know), but still using the Personna Blue brand blades and Proraso (Red) shave cream. Only other modification to the routine was to use a little oil as a pre-shave. I got pretty good and have been able to extend the lie of my blade to as many as 5 - 6 shaves. So, I figured now was the time to go absolutely wild, and I changed to a Feather blade..........

Phase 3 now includes the Feather in my Super Speed. Shaving soap was changed to Arko (LOVE that stuff, even the smell!.......THANKS BRIAN) Everything else has remained the same, including the results. That is the good news/bad news, I guess.

The good news is that I was able to finally experience a BBS with the combination in Phase 2, and had been thinking about how much BBS-er I will be after I change to a Feather. Yeah.........not so much. No nicks, cuts or wholesale slices, but then again it was no better than the Personna Blue. I had expected something a whole order of magnitude better and smoother after reading all the hype about Feathers. Didn't happen.

Am I missing something? Is there a learning curve I missed? As before, I'm looking to you guys to help solve my mistery.
I'm finding as I read more and more on the issue of blades that it seems to come down to personal preference. There seems to be about three brands that get the biggest following: Feather, Astra, and Personna. Of those I've only tried Astra but I own the other two.
You may very well have something there. I think it also has something to do with the combination of ALL factors, including pre-prep, prep, cream/soap, razor, blade, after shave and even competence of the person driving. I think I have the first part licked, and would even score a solid "5" on the competence scale.

Like you (and many others, I'm sure) I have quite a collection of orphan blades. The only ones I have had the opportunity to try so far are the Personnas and, now the Feathers. I've also got some Astras, some 7 O'Clocks and a bunch of name brand, but new to me blades. So, I think you're right...........in my limited experience and equipment and exposure, I find the Personnas and the Feathers to be on par.

Anybody else?
Not sure why folks sing the praises of Feathers. I find them kinda harsh...not necessarily sharp mind you, just harsh and cheap feeling.
I didn't experience the harshness you had, Ron. All I got was they were "just as good" as the Personnas, and certainly no better, but also no worse.
Your phase 1 should be thrown out because you changed razors. Try each different blade in the same razor using the same creams/soaps. Pick the blade that worked best for that razor. Make a log each day of what you used and evaluate the shave. You may (or may not) find that different blades will give you a different result in different razors. I primarily use Feathers in all my razors and get the same BBS results. Tonight I used an Astra for the first time in my FatBoy and received the same BBS results as with a Feather. Tomorrow I will try a Personna. The only blade that I've used so far that I did not like was a Merkur however, I only used it in one razor so that may not be a fair test.
Ah,, that makes some sense. I have been making a Log of sorts that includes information on razor, blade, cream, etc and then rating the BBS-ness of each. I have found that as time went on, I was able to get more shaves out of a blade, which I attributed to my technique getting better, It was after I seemed to get really good with the Tech/Personna combination, and was comfortable that I changed to the Super Speed/Personna combination. I changed razors, but not blades. I immediately got good results and after 2 rounds of Personnas, I switched to the Feather. It looks like I need to reduce my variables to properly judge a setup.

I guess I'll just have to go through my repertoire of blades one at a time on each razor to fine tune my evaluations. Gees, what a shame.................
Yep, gotta keep it to one variable at a time. Wait until you have multiple adjustables! This reminds me an aweful lot like reloading... Right down to the, "you still spend the same, you just shoot more." Hopefully we become better in the process.
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