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GIVEAWAY! Challenge PIF - We're Gonna Need A Bigger Razor!!

Blade: Shark Super Stainless - blade #1, shave #3
Razor: Aristocrat 1948
Brush: Star
Soap: Mogno Shaving Cream
Aftershave: Myrsol - Formula K

A very nice shave..... no nicks, cuts or abrasions.

First time using Mogno shaving cream and it was excellent. It produced a very slick and stable lather.
Shark Platinum shave #7 (one half)
1 day growth

Razor: Twig
Pre: Warm shower with Kurt's Castile unscented.
Soap: Arko sensitive cream
Brush: 26mm Yaqi Timberwolf synthetic
After: VIBR

This blade could go another shave or maybe two, but I've decided to retire it and move on. The Arko cream doesn't produce billowing lather like the stick, but the lather is much gentler on your skin with all the added glycerin. 3 passes has left me Baby Seal Smooth with no drama.

Fifth shave with the Shark Platinum blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Yaqi Moka Express (26mm Two-Band Badger)
Soap: RazoRock Blue Label

A strangely unsatisfying shave.

After a handful of excellent shaves in a row, today's outing was not very good. My three main passes were a mixed bag with the WTG and XTG passes being the worst culprits. Both passes exhibited noticeable tugging while some minor roughness made an appearance on the XTG pass.

This blade no longer feels as sharp as it once did and efficiency has suffered as a result. Therefore, the extra work (in the form of heavy buffing) that I needed to do to get to a BBS has led to moderate post-shave irritation.

As with the Shark SS, I'll give the Shark Platinum a chance to rebound. However, judging by today's sudden drop in performance, I suspect that this blade may be done.
Shark Platinum edge 1 shave 4; Wilkinson Sword Classic (plastic) razor; Arko stick; VIGshaving 24mm silvertip.

Although I understand Shark Week has now passed, I felt an urge to jump on the Sharko-Arko bandwagon. This being my first shark week I never even knew that was a thing! But Arko users never seem to need much of an excuse, do they? I see Arko August also being mentioned upthread.

It seems ironic that a soap that is famously tallow based reminds me so much of veganism (how do you know if someone is an Arko shaver? They'll tell you!). :D :D

Despite Arko's famed lubricity, it's clear that as with the Jaws blade, 3 shaves/edge is the upper limit for the Shark Platinum. I couldn't really choose between the blades for the first three shaves, but now they're spent the Shark has pulled ahead. It wasn't a comfortable shave, but it was more comfortable than the Jaws #4, and the finish was significantly better.
Shark Bait -- JAWS -- Day 3 (shave 4)

Razor: Rockwell 6S - 4
Blade: Sharp Jaws
Brush: Blackland synthetic
Soap: ARKO
A/S: Lidl All Man balm

Three pass shave tonight with the Jaws blade was better than last night, probably because blue gear brings a better shave :)

I believe I will put the Jaws to rest and move on to the next blade. I normally go 4-6 shave on a blade, and this one is not bringing me the joy the Shark Super Stainless brought.

Shark Super Stainless Blade #2 - Shave #2

DFS shave, consistent with other Shark SS blade, caught a weeper

Equipment: Merkur 20C, Shark SS(2), CTS Mr Pepper Shave Soap

The Shave: This Shark Super Stainless Blade is tracking a similar course to the other Shark SS blade, giving me a comfortable, close shave. I like CTS soaps and Mr Pepper is a descent scent (might not be a hot weather scent though) that provides good slick lather; however, I did get a weeper that stopped quickly with the final rinse. Still, a nice DFS shave is a good consolation prize!!
Blade: Shark Super Stainless - blade #1, shave #4
Razor: Aristocrat 1948
Brush: Star
Soap: Mogno
Aftershave: Pinaud Lilac Vegetal

Except for the Lilac Vegetal, this is the same setup that I used yesterday, and it resulted in another close, comfortable shave with the Shark SS blade. This is my second time using the Mogno cream and its performance has been excellent.🐟
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Thu 4 Blade Challenge end of 3rd round = Shark SS still the best among the 3
Catie's Bubbles Ocean Grove
Brush DS Cosmetics 26mm Badger
Razor Parker OC
Blade Shark Platinum 3rd
Aqua Velva Ice Blue
Lovely lather from this soap. Easily whip up by the excellent brush. Light refreshing marine scent and matched nicely with the aftershave. This blade in the razor provided a very nice smooth shave. Easy 3passes without any issues for a dfs finish...
Sixth shave with the Sharp Jaws Platinum blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Omega 10005 (24mm Boar)
Soap: Pré de Provence No. 63

Well, all good things must come to an end, I suppose.

As with the other two blades in this Challenge, the once-steady Jaws has undergone a sudden drop in performance. And it wasn't just a small drop, but rather a significant decline in all aspects, i.e. smoothness, comfort, and efficiency.

It started right away on the WTG pass with some minor tugging. Then, on the ATG pass, the tugging intensified. And finally, on the XTG pass, the tugging became severe enough that I decided to cut things short.

I debated whether to buff or not, but ended up re-lathering and trying to shave around my Adam's apple and along my jawline. I had to stop prematurely again due to the onset of some pretty severe irritation. So, the end result was a somewhat uncomfortable SAS. There are obvious patches of stubble left behind that I did not (could not) buff away.

Therefore, I think that this is the final shave for this Jaws blade. It was very good while it lasted, but it didn't last that long. Certainly not as long as I had hoped for. 🙁

On an ironic side note, it looks like the Shark SS might take the longevity crown in this Challenge because it's the only one whose performance didn't drop right off a cliff and could actually rebound with a decent shave (due to its Jekyll-and-Hyde nature). At the start of this Challenge, I had pegged the Shark SS as the least likely to outlast either of the two other blades. What an unpleasant surprise! 😜
Shark Super Stainless Blade #2 - Shave #3

Another DFS shave, kept everything the same, no weeper today

Equipment: Merkur 20C, Shark SS(3), CTS Mr Pepper Shave Soap

The Shave: Sometimes yesterday's decisions are still good for today, and I kept everything the same. The shave was close and comfortable, the lather was very good, but I was a bit more careful to avoid the weeper that I got yesterday. I'm a bit sad that, if this blade stays consistent, tomorrow's shave won't be as good and will be the last with this blade.
Jaws shave 3
Head and face
Razor Jaws 0.69
Soap Santa Maria de Fiore
AS Speick
AB Nivea
2+ pass, no issues, smooth and close

Jaws Shave 4
Head and face
Razor: Muhle Rocca
Soap SV
AS Floid Super Vigoroso
AB Speck
2+ pass, smooth and close, blade seems to be going on well. Haven't have any blood so far.
Good blade, just the first shave was not smooth.
Sharp Jaws Platinum edge 2 shave 1. Rapira Tech razor, Wilkinson Sword bowl soap, Frank Shaving 20mm best badger.

This was a more interesting shave than with the Wilky razor. Fine on the flats, but requiring a bit of attention on the curves.

I'm very happy with the finish - there was no irritation, but sufficient feeling that I wasn't in a hurry to grab the alum. There was no blood in the water, so fortunately there was no need for that.

In order to co-participate in the Fatboy Friday thread I loaded a Shark Super Stainless (8) into my trustworthy Fatboy this a.m. and crancked her up on setting 9 wtg and 6 atg. A beautiful and efficient shave followed, as easy as a bbs shave on 18 hours worth of growth can be. No nicks or irritation, though the life span of this Shark (blade) might have come to an end today... so that I perhaps might go back to the PIFed blades from now on... or should I just give this blade another spin, for science?


Happy shaves!
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Fri 5 Blade Challenge 4th round
Stirling Black Cherry
Brush Yaqi 28mm Tuxedo
Razor RazoRock G37 Slant
Blade Shark Super Stainless 4th
Aftershave Spice Original Splash
The lather qualities from the soap are just impeccable...the scent is nice albeit light. Matched well with the splash.
This shave with the blade in the razor was not so good. Not so smooth and efficient. Managed 3passes without issues for a sas result. The blade will be ditched...very surprised how fast it went downhill...

Shark Platinum, shave #1
1 day growth
Brush: PAA Starcraft (24mm synth)
Soap: Southern Witchcraft Samhain
Razor: Henson AL13 medium
Aftershave: alum, Southern Witchcraft Samhain splash

Shark SS is part of a sampler I got awhile ago and is ranked #3 in the latest T-Bone Blade Poll. I used a Shark SC for the first time during Shark Week, and it's right up there as well; in fact, I went into this shave on my first ever 2-shave no-blood streak (DFS or better). Wanting to try a new blade but also hoping to extend the streak, I decided Shark Platinum gave me the best chance.

I shaved yesterday, but I'm 3017ing my last cartridge and canned gel, so it feels like nearly 2-day stubble. But back to my preferred Henson for the weekend! I'm also using samples of Southern Witchcraft Samhain soap and splash generously sent to me by @awk_m4 after I offhandedly commented on how cool SW scents sound in another thread. And I will say, it doesn't disappoint - it smells amazing! I'm not refined enough to tease out the individual scents (the label lists pumpkin, sandalwood, bourbon, and others...), but I can say it's a great blend, I love it! Oh yeah, and lathers nicely, too!

Anyway, I can't get too distracted and take my attention off the Shark. First pass was rather tuggy, but seems like that tends to happen with platinum coated blades the first shave. And darn it, I noticed a tiny weeper on my right jawline. Ended up with a nice BBS- though. Jawlines are BBS, which is rare, just a couple rough spots on the left side of my neck, and oddly not quite BBS on my chin. The latter isn't usually a trouble area, I just didn't get it quite right today - my fault, not the Shark's. More alum feedback than any day with the chrome last week, but only mild irritation.

🦈 Result: BBS- (9/10)
🩸 Facial wounds: 3 weepers (1 right jawline, 2 right corner of mustache, all closed with cold rinse)
🦵🏻 Limbs bitten off and eaten: 0

I'll try to start a new no-blood streak tomorrow!
Here's a close-up of the packaging that holds 100 blades.

It looks like they are made and sold in Malaysia for the American Safety Razor Company. I'm on the east coast of the United States, so there's a twelve-hour time difference between here and Malaysia. Richard has probably already hit-the-sack, but hopefully, he'll check in tomorrow and offer some insight. View attachment 1497039
Hey, thanks...I missed the post. Yup, it is supposedly made here in Malaysia and only ever found in 1 shop near my house!!
I am an avid DE blade hunter and so far I have not seen any of this blade in other parts of Malaysia. The address listed is the northeast of peninsular Malaysia. I am not sure if the company is the manufacturer...most probably an importer...
Blade: Shark Super Stainless - blade #1, shave #5
Razor: Aristocrat 1948
Brush: Yaqi
Soap: Wm. Neumann & Co. - Bay Rum
Aftershave: Wm. Neumann & Co. - Bay Rum

Not a bad shave, but not quite up to yesterdays. I'll have to see how tomorrows shave goes to determine whether or not I'm going to continue using this blade.🦐
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Sixth shave with the Shark Super Stainless blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Yaqi Aqua (24mm Tuxedo)
Soap: RazoRock Gold Label

Not a great shave... but not too bad, either.

As expected (read: feared), the Shark SS is yoyo-ing back and forth between good and bad performances. Today's outing fits into the "good" category, but barely.

My three main passes were nothing special; just passable, really. There was some slight tugging on the WTG pass, but nothing like what I experienced on its last use (or with the Jaws blade, yesterday). Otherwise, the ATG and XTG passes were trouble-free.

I was a bit concerned about buffing since the Shark SS's last outing went fairly badly. However, I needn't have worried because I managed to achieve another BBS. It took some extra work, but I only suffered some very minor irritation afterwards.

Overall, I consider this shave to be completely acceptable, if not actually a good one. Therefore, it has earned one more try. Hopefully, it doesn't revert back to the irritating, tuggy mess that I got on August 2!

Next up is the Shark Platinum. With any luck, it will also experience some a revival like the Shark SS.
Shark Super Stainless Blade #2 - Shave #4

Worked for a close shave, got a weeper for my efforts, blade is done

Equipment: Merkur 20C, Shark SS(4), Katie's Bubbles Ocean Grove

The Shave: The Shark SS was very good for shaves 1 - 3, but shave 4 is asking too much from this blade (YMMV). Catie's Bubles is a great soap, good cushion and slick, and provided a nice lather to shave with. I worked a bit harder for a close shave and received a weeper after going over a troubled spot too many times. Still, 3 very good shaves from a PIF blade is wonderful!!
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