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Challenge PIF - Shave For The Stars

Shoot for the Moon...and You'll...Land Among the Stars...and Well Shaven, too!!

Sharp Star Blades are a very rare, hard to obtain, platinum coated blade manufactured in Russia. Silver Star Blades are venerable super stainless blades manufactured in Egypt. Both of these Blades will have you Shaving For The Stars!!


A huge Thank You to @Space_Cadet, who provided the Sharp Star Blades, and to @AnimalCatcher, who provided the Silver Star Blades!! These generous B&B'ers have given us the amazing opportunity to try Blades that many of us would not have had the opportunity to try!!

As an added bonus, @AnimalCatcher scored 20 vintage ASR manufactured Silver Star Duridium Processed Blades!! ...Duridium Processed...Whoa!! These blades are even older the @AnimalCatcher but still look good to try!! At one time, these were 98¢ for 20 Blades!!


How many of Each Blade are available?!? There are Enough Blades for Each Participant to have up to 3 Sharp Star Blades, 5 modern Silver Star Blades, and 1 vintage Silver Star Blade (for the vintage, there are only enough for the 1st 19 requestors). A special note about the vintage blades, they are NOT individually wrapped, so I'll wrap them in Parchment Paper before mailing them to those Brave Enough to try them.

This Challenge PIF is open to any and all (International and CONUS B&B'ers)!!

Please note, if you're participating in the 2022 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek, you may request up to 3 Blades and remain in the Shave Purchase Sabbatical.


There are certain rules that apply:
  • You must have 10 quality posts (if you don't have 10, get posting!!)
  • You're willing to post about your experiences (good or bad) in this thread
  • Have great fun trying the Sharp Star and Silver Star Blades

How to sign up for this Challenge PIF?
  • Post "I'm In!!" or "Yes, please let me Shave For The Stars!!" or "Of course I'm Participating!!" or something to that nature
  • Don't wait, immediately send a PM to me with:
  • Your Name
  • Complete Mailing Address (I'm in the US, so if you're international, please include your Country with your mailing address)
  • How Many of Each Blade you would like.

Note: to keep the cost of postage to a reasonable level (and satisfy the USPS and International Post regulations), I need to remove the blades from their tucks; however, I can include the flattened tuck with the blades if you'd like me, too.

The PIF Phase will begin NOW and run until I run out of blades or requests stop coming in or I wander off and get involved in something else.

The Challenge Phase begins whenever you receive your lot of Sharp Star and Silver Star Blades!!
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