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Challenge PIF - Is Your Best Good Enough?!? - Closed!

The PIF Phase is now closed!!

THANK YOU Everyone!! The response has been AWESOME!! I will be working over the next couple of days to get the vintage Wizamet Polsilver Blades mailed out!!

A Challenge - Is Your Best Good Enough?!?

We have our favorites, maybe even those we think are "The One", but how does your Best Blade stand up against one of Yesteryear's Best Blade?!? Is Your Best Good Enough?!?

@Space_Cadet has provided 150 vintange Wizamet Polsilver Blades with a well earned reputation of standing among the Best of Blades!! This are enough vintage Wizamet Polsilver Blades for a lot of us to try!!


The Challenge

So, here's your chance to see how your Best Blade compares to the world-reknowned Wizamet Polsilver Blades!! Each Participant will receive either 3 or 4 Wizamet Polsilver Blades (your choice)...BUT...you also need to choose The Best Blade from your own Den!! Pitted against each other, Is Your Best Good Enough?!?

This Challenge PIF is open to any and all B&B'ers (both International and CONUS)!!


There are certain rules that apply:
  • You must have 10 quality posts (if you don't have 10, get posting!!)
  • You're willing to post at least 1 review for the Wizamet Polsilver Blade and 1 review of how your Best Blade compares to it
  • Have great fun with this Challenge PIF

How to sign up for this Participation PIF?
  • Post "I'm In" or "Bring It On!!" or "There Can Only Be One!!"
  • Don't wait, immediately after posting your intention to Participate, send a PM to me with:
  • Your Name
  • Complete Mailing Address (I'm in the US, so if you're international, please include your Country with your mailing address)
  • How many of vintage Wizamet Polsilver Blades you would like (3 or 4 Blades)

The PIF Phase will begin NOW and run until I run out of blades or requests stop coming in or

The Challenge Phase begins whenever you receive your lot of vintage Wizamet Polsilver Blades!!

Please remember to let me know when you've received the Blades (either in this thread or as a PM to me).
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