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GIVEAWAY! Challenge PIF - In The Footsteps Of Legends

Challenge PIF - In The Footsteps Of Legends

Two of the most venerable and well respected Blades...EVER...come together to form our year-end Challenge PIF!! Legend has it the the KAI Blades are forged from a Mysterious Meteor, while the Feather Blades come from the downy wisps off the back of a Legendary Kaiju!! Both blades have an excellent reputation, and truly, there will be no losers!! Yet, one of these Legendary Blades may have the...Edge...over the other!!

This Challenge PIF is open to any and all (International and CONUS B&B'ers)!! Everyone who participates gets 2 KAI Blades and 2 Feather Blades!! There are enough blades for 50 Challenge Sets (49 others + 1 for me because I love participating, too)!! (If you're participating in the 2021 Shave Sabbatical, please see Note #1 below)


A Very Grateful Thank You to @Space_Cadet for providing 100 KAI Blades and to @AnimalCatcher for providing 100 Feather Blades!!

There are certain rules that apply:
  • You must have 10 quality posts (if you don't have 10, get posting!!)
  • You're willing to post about your experiences in this thread
  • Have great fun trying these Legendary Japanese Blades

How to sign up for this Challenge PIF?
  • Post "I'm In!!" or "Yes, please!!" or "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!!" or something to that nature
  • Don't wait, immediately send a PM to me with Your Name and Complete Mailing Address (I'm in the US, so if you're international, please include your Country with your mailing address).

NOTE #1: Those participating in the 2021 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek, The Rules allow you to receive up to 3 blades, and I'm honoring The Rules so you can stay in the Shave Purchase Sabbatical AND Participate in this Challenge PIF!!

NOTE #2: to keep the cost of postage to a reasonable level (and satisfy the USPS and International Post regulations), I need to remove the blades from their tucks.
Well timed, brother Grundi.

I hope as many forum members will participate, write of their experiences, and cast their vote.

p.s. Sorry that lately I can't be on the forum as frequently as I would like to. Issues, issues...

p.p.s. Grundy, my friend, you have a PM incoming from me about some other blade issue.
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I'm in if I qualify - it appears that I have 22 posts (this will make 23), I'll let you judge if 10 of them are quality. 🙂

I also won't be offended if nobody wants the opinions of a guy who's only been using a DE for a couple months and still gets weepers most of the time with blades less sharp than these!
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