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Challenge PIF - Astra Superior Stainless Blades - Then And Now

:a45: It's an Epic Battle Between Vintage and Modern Astra Superior Stainless Blades :a45:

Long considered the blade of choice as many of us began our DE Shaving Journey, how has the Astra Superior Stainless Blade held up over time? Is its reputation well earned? Or simply a rumor begun by some nefarious, shadowy organization?


Which Blade will claim victory?? Only 32 B&B'ers (and myself) will find out!! This Challenge PIF is open to EVERYONE!!

has generously provided the Vintage, Czechoslovakian-made Astra Superior Stainless Blades, and I've entered the Modern, Russian-made Astra Superior Stainless Blades. Two versions of the same Amazing Blade, but Only One can be The Champion!!

Those who sign up for this Challenge PIF will get 3 Vintage, Czechoslovakian-made Astra Superior Stainless Blades and 3 Modern, Russian-made Astra Superior Stainless Blades!!


Guidelines for The Challenge:
  • Keep your setup as similar as possible to give each blade a fair chance
  • You may change your setup, but try each blade in each setup
  • Post about your experiences and blade comparisons
  • Each participant's opinion is valid for their own experience
  • Declare which of these two blades is the winner!!
Here are The Rules:
  • Have at lease 10 quality posts (if you don't have 10, get posting!!)
  • Declare "I'm In!!"
  • Be willing to post about your setup and experience with at least one Vintage and one Modern blade
  • Once the 32 slots have been claimed, the PIF Phase closes and the Challenge Phase begins!!
  • Have outrageous Fun with this Challenge PIF

Special note to Everyone NOT REQUESTING THE PIF: please feel free to join in anyway. If you have Astra Superior Stainless Blades in your den, now is a great time to dig them out and join the discussion!!

Special note to those participating in the 2021 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek, The Rules allow you to receive up to 3 blades, and I'm honoring The Rules so you can stay in the Purchase Sabbatical AND Participate in the Challenge PIF!! Please let me know what combination of Vintage and Modern Astra Superior Stainless Blades you'd like!!

IMPORTANT: Once you've declared "I'm In!", please send me a PM with your complete mailing address (I'm in the US, so if you're international, YES international B&B'ers are included, please include your Country with your mailing address).
I've never tried Astra SS (either vintage or modern), so this is tempting. However, I'm currently engaged in the Kai Participation PIF and had planned to get back to the Viking's Sword Participation PIF after this ridiculously long-lasting Kai blade is toast.

What to do?!? :a48:

(Okay, I'm in. :001_tongu )
This should be interesting. I just started wet shaving about three weeks ago and am trying one new blade from a sampler every week. I'll put these in my rotation of blades to use and compare. I'm in, thanks!
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This is going to be a very interesting thread, but I've already got the modern Astras (which I could take or leave), I'm looking to move house in the near future (which could see the blades go missing in transit), and I'm beginning to feel like I've too many blade (varieties) already.

I might take the opportunity to get involved as a way of using up one of my Astra SS's if this is still rumbling on when I make my way through my current backlog.
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