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Good Day.
The Central Enablement Center is a group of individuals who laugh in the face of restraint.
~and please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this post~

n.1.The act of enabling, or the state of being enabled; ability.

  • This Club is for those that scoff in the face of restraint!
  • 3017 is not in their vocabulary!
  • Would add an addition to their house before, not acquiring more shave gear!
  • Are always finding new items to purchase, share, and use
  • Are Operatives for the Darkside, spreading the Gospel of the CEC!
  • Have sworn to the Motto "More is Better"
  • Feel the satisfaction of sharing a product and having others buy it
  • Like to see others spend money and acquire "New Stuff"
  • Strives to have hundreds of soaps, hundreds if brushes, and hundreds of everything related to Wet Shaving!

Is this YOU? If so join us at the CEC. As a member you will search out those lost sheep that are minimalists, feel that they have enough shaving gear, and convert them. As a member you will receive a virtual invisible ID card that will allow you entrance into the CEC Central location, which is known only to its members, Be careful however, the Restraint and Minimalist Lobby will try to expose you.

Are you Ready?
Are you Committed?

Become an Operative of the C.E.C. and Spread the Good News! Proudly Display the C.E.C. in your signature!



** Disclaimer**
The purpose of this club is to have fun and enable members by sharing the products that make this hobby fun. We also "JOKE" about emptying other members wallets, however please buy responsibly. The membership of Badger & Blade comes in a wide socioeconomic background. Where some folks will not think twice about spending $300.00 on a single piece of Shave equipment, others will not spend that much on an entire shave den full of stuff.
As we all know this hobby can become a lifestyle and with that an addiction. Please, again, be responsible and do not take the joking and simulated pressure to buy an item as a term of being in this club, We welcome anyone regardless of a $2.00 Razor or a $5000.00 Razor.
Please take the "Enablement Center" about as serious as Monty Python and have fun, but be responsible.

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OH count me in! I have played the restraint game for awhile and I have always failed except for that one month where I didn't lol.

Hey everyone open your wallets Fine Accoutrements is releasing the Lavender next month again!

EDIT: I read this in your radio voice! So please talk about the new club in the next broadcast
Restraint? Sabbatical? 3017? Minimalist? These are strange and foreign words. Now let me get back to ordering my new SV 2.0 brush, while I'm watching the mailbox for my inbound Scruppleworks strop!

What is this "Restraint" you Speak Of?? You Know I am in Brother:thumbup: As a matter of fact, after a small siff of the Tundra the trigger has been pulled and it is on it's way to me now:thumbup1: Complete with the After Shave and another of the fine wooden S.V. 70th Bowls:thumbup:
Just FYI Gents 15% off all SV products at Bullgoose ( Phil one of B&B's Vendors ) until 6/26.

This has been a public service announcement from the C.E.C.:thumbup1:
Well dang, I might NEED the SV after shaves I didn't get with my last order. I also want a scrupleworks strop. I need to touch and feel some leather first then I can get a new strop.
Oh please count me in. This is perfect. This month alone i have bought in this order:
1. M&F Genuine Horn 25mm blonde Badger
2. Paladin Falstaff 26mm L-knot And
Paladin PK-47 26mm S-Knot
3. B&M Cheshire
4. Mike's Hungarian Lavender
5. Traded a Duke 2 for an unopened jar of MdC unscented.
so i could replace it with a,
6. SimFix #404 Grosvenor SE 2-Band Silvertip
7. Looking at getting a Maggard handle and V-3 head. Any other suggestions? Razors need some love too, not just soaps and brushes.

Im not say this to brag or whatever you want to call it, I say it because I LAUGH (HAHAHA) in the face of the Restraint Police.
Speaking of B&M (#3 above), he is changing his labeling and with that will be releasing all his soaps in the Glissant formula (not sure about Latha line). So any B&M bought between now and their release will have to be bought again.
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