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Cella/Timors are due to arrive today.

I ordered a red tub of Cella from QED along with a pack of Timors. It's due to arrive today. My shave den will still be hovering at 3 creams/slash soaps as I've given up on trying to get Nomad soap to produce a good shave worthy lather. That one just doesn't work for me.

As it stands my den will consist of Musgo Real, TOBS Eaton College and now Cella. I have high hopes for Cella. If it arrives today I'll shave with it tomorrow. :shaving:
I think you'll like Cella. I love the smell. Some people love it and some don't. Seems to be 2 distinct camps.

I think you'll love the shave in any case.

Not familiar with Timors. Can you illuminate me on these?
I can't comment on the Timors but I believe they are one of the sharper blades around with a reputation for smoothness. The Cella, on the other hand, I know for a fact will give you fantastic lather. The scent is not to everyone's liking, but this bitter almond soap is my absolute favourite.:thumbup1:

Cella has arrived! I know what it smells like. The scent is exactly almond extract. Kinda strong in the tub but I bet it will mellow nicely once lathered. Musgo smells rather strong in the tube but lathered it mellows into a very nice scent. I bet this will too. Oh man, how many hours until shave-thirty?
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