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    Eh one more

  1. Today... not much of a creepy crawler but bit out of season even if it was in the house, no idea where it may have come from.

    ...................... file-16_B&Bsize600.jpg
  2. troy

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    Those are some great shots you've posted lately, keep them coming! :thumbup1:

    Nice one Dave! Great detail for such a small bug. I assume your using you clip on macro lens, but what about light when shooting indoors?
  3. Thanks Troy, you are correct about the clip on lens. The light was poor. The chair was sitting ~2' from north facing windows 1:45 yesterday afternoon, overcast and grey, the room not's particularly bright as well, can see the two light sources reflected, 1/30 sec bracing hands on the top of the chair and used the selftimer so i could grip the ipod firmly with both hands.
  4. Very cool shot
  5. Thank you.

    Impressive that was taken with an iPod.
  6. Thanks @TreadwayJohnA & @OldSkoolMillennial !

    I've never bothered with a phone but the cameras they contained looked like fun so bought an ipod Touch 6 to try out the camera and it's proven to be a blast to mess with, very entertaining and handy for documenting my many projects.
  7. Herd of black oysters sadly sacrificed for pizza night.

    '''''''''''''''''' file5-1_B&Bsize600.jpg

    '''''''''''''''''' file8_B&Bsize600.jpg
  8. Nice, they’re a bit “fungi” looking.

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