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Cell phone shots

Old project pulled out of the drawer to help make noise and be even more annoying... clip on pseudo-fisheye lens...

'''''''''''''''''''''''''' file2_B&Bsize600.jpg

'''''''''''''''''''''''''' file_B&Bsize600.jpg
Last weekends' car show here in SoCal - The Friends of Steve McQueen show.

Yes, there is a CA license plate on this Porsche - I saw it leaving the show later in the day under it's own power on a dirty gravel road heading out of the show grounds...

Giant purple aliums in the garden, one bulb purchased a number of years ago for $20, now it's multiplied 14 times.

Setting sun back light shot at very slightly different angles.

''''''''''''''''''' file-7_B&Bsize600.jpg

'''''''''''''''''''''''' file-6_B&Bsize600.jpg
Found this right on the edge of the highway, and sadly all I had was the 60mm attached to the camera. But luckily I had my cell so I at least got the shot!


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My view yesterday while working and if you look to the middle top you can just see the Lincoln Cathedral



I’m stumped
A old EIP Vauxhall ute. Mother nature is taking this one back. The cab is stuffed full with a bush growing inside it.

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