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Celebratory PIF

Hello ladies and gentleman. My name is Joe May. I didn't know where to post this information but I felt this sub-forum was probably my best bet. I'd like to share a story with you which led me to offering this PIF.

I am the proud father of two beautiful girls, 9 and 2 years of age, and my wife is 20 weeks pregnant with our third child and only son- my first little wet shaver. Don't misunderstand- I fully intend to present our wonderful hobby to both of my daughters when they are of appropriate age, but I have fond memories of my father shaving and I currently use his Gillette Fat Boy or SS to shave daily. It was something I was looking forward to teaching and enjoying with my son.

About 6 weeks ago, we received news our unborn son may have a fatal genetic disorder that may result in his death while in utero or shortly following birth. I cannot describe the feeling of devastation that befell my family, but for those of you who are parents, you understand how helpless you feel when your child is sick, let alone threatened with death. Over the past 6 weeks, my wife has undergone several high level ultrasounds and fetal echocardiograms to monitor the anatomical and cardiac development of our child and recently had blood tests completed to test for particular chromosomal abnormalities. The blood tests took two weeks to complete, and when they finally returned, were found to be inconclusive. That was two weeks of hell!

Two days ago, my wife underwent another ultrasound which demonstrated some anatomical changes of concern but were only suggestive, not definitive. Because of this, she promptly underwent an amniocentesis for complete chromosomal analysis and we expected to receive the results today.

Our genetics counselor carried the burden of delivering the results to us and when I spoke with her yesterday, I told her she would be speaking to me on the worst day of my life or the best day of my life. I received a phone call today around 11:25 EST and after confirming she was speaking to the right person, our genetics counselor asked, "Joe, are you ready to have the BEST day of your life?" The amniocentesis was negative and our son is perfectly fine. I cannot describe the sense of thankfulness and relief that washed over me and my family. God has blessed us with a third healthy child and we are so ever thankful.

That is how I ended up here. I have been so excited about sharing this hobby with my son in the future, and in celebration of our wonderful news today, I want to share it with someone else here today. I would like to offer the following PIF with NO RESTRICTIONS. This forum is filled with wonderful people and I feel confident those of you who do not need these items will choose not to participate. I will leave this PIF up for one week and will choose the winner sometime next Saturday, June 30, 2012 by random number generator. Just let me know you are in and I'll be happy to include you.

Included in the PIF are the following items


1. A Shea Moisture badger hair brush, used twice
2. 10 Astra SP blades
3. Aqua Velva AS, new bottle minus 2 uses
4. Edwin Jagger DE89 Barley Chrome, used about 12 times
5. Lastly, the winner may contact Matt Retzloff at www.queencharlottesoaps.com and choose a puck of soap or tub of cream of his/her choice as a final gift from me. If you have never used QCS products, feel free to choose the cream or soap sampler if you prefer.

I hope someone will benefit from this PIF and I am glad you could be part of the best day of my life.
Thats awesome, congrats on having the best day of your life. Please don't include me as I have plenty of gear. I know you will enjoy teaching the lad how to shave.
That is great! Glad to hear it was the BEST day of your life! Congrats on having a boy - probably needed in a house with 3 ladies and 1 gent :001_smile.

Please count me in on this great PIF celebrating your wonderful news.
Just wanted to add my congratulations, Joe, for your wonderful news. Please do not include me, but enjoy the best day of your life.
Wonderful news for you, I have 2 girls, My youngest had a burst appendix and we had a long week to see if she would be ok, so maybe I understand a little of your feelings. My daughters are fine now, I have no idea how they shave though-lol. Congratulations on your growing family.
Joe, Congrats on having the best day of your life!

Not in, but thanks for sharing your excellent news with us.
Congratulations on the news! It's gotta be great feeling to have that weight off your shoulders. All the best!
Please count me in on the generous PIF.
Wonderful news indeed (WINK) don't count me in we have already shared a dual PIF. Thanks again Joe! Congratulations!
Joe, I'm literally shaking in excitement for you!

Please do not count me in. I am thrilled that God has blessed you and your family with a baby boy. Congratulations!
Congratulations on the third child. I have two of my own, and having a boy is awesome. Count me in please, this is an awesome PIF.
I'm so happy for you! This story almost brought tears to my eyes. I really don't need the PIF so you can leave me out, but thanks for sharing the best day of your life!
joe that was a wonderful story and wonderful news..congratulations.
please do not include me..I have too much gear already.
all the best..
Congrats Joe! Verry happy to hear your son is alright, and that you'll have the chance to pass on the wetshaving tradition as your father did for you!

I wouldn't mind being included in your celebratory giveaway
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