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Caswell-Massey 1752

I was wondering if they had reformulated. You just confirmed it. I tried Caswell -Massey a year or two ago, and got very mediocre results, but mine was before the new packaging or anything.
Its GOOD news when companies improve their stuff for us!
John P.
The tub shown on the C-M website is black. This is a brown tub. I figured it was old stock, but it is as creamy as the Nancy Boy shaving cream I just got, and more "creamy" than most of my Taylor's.

man alive! A year ago, I had Casswell-Massey sandalwood cream which I paid 25 bux for, I took perhaps 5 shaves with it, and hated the damn stuff and trashed it. Did I cuss after the last shave!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

About 9 months ago, i bought some CM almond and Sandalwood, and finally threw them both away because of the lather. The almond scent however was real nice. Their almond aftershave balm really stings, and i'm not sure if i like it. If CM is indeed reformulated, i will try it. Anyone know for a fact?

Over the weekend I will post pics of the tub that I bought as well as pics of working up a lather with it. I have to admit, I was not expecting much when I bought it and was very surprised.

Mahesh, I think Caswell-Massey has had a lot complaints about their shaving creams and soaps, so they either have to reformulate them or they'll lose a lot of business. In any case, I'm in no rush to buy something from them again. Besides, they're so over-priced.

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Randy, you're right on that, I must say it is perceived value. But, I still find that Taylors is less expensive and so much better. Even other brands such as Crabtree & Evelyn and DR Harris and Trumpers which are pricey deliver much better quality in their products. Caswell-Massey seems to fall short in that respect.


My first use was great. Possible tonight I will get some pics taken and posted. I'm prone to believe this is the old stuff as the pic on their website is a black tub, and this one is brown.

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