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Castle Rock Shaving ??

Surfing the internet tonight and came across "Castle Rock Shaving" website. Anyone on here dealt with them? Thoughts? Or point me to where to look for such information. When I Google them, not much showed up. Thanks in advance!


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No info online. No info here. I'd avoid if it was me. Why take a chance?

Stick with an established vendor.
I received the used Lupo 72 today with the barber pole handle. It looks like new and came in the original box. Very good price for a Lupo! Shipping was free so basically, I got the razor and handle for the cost of a new Lupo base plate. Service was great, I used their chat box and asked some questions, received quick responses. I will purchase from them again. They carry several soaps that I want to try and the prices looked good. I am sounding like an advertisement so I need to point out that I am not affiliated with Castle Rock Shaving, just a happy customer.


Ditto, ditto
My wife ordered a Yates 921 from them as a gift for me. Razor engraved date is 10/23, came in the tin box instead of paper they use now. Also a hand written thank you note in the package. I'll buy without hesitation if they have what I'm looking for.
That's great! Sounds like an upstanding operation for sure. Thanks for all the information...probably going to place an order soon!
To anyone that is following this, my Castle Rock Shaving order arrived this morning with a Yates 921-M in a tin with a handwritten note. So in conclusion, super fast shipping and a good price on items so I will not hesitate to purchase from again.
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