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Cast Iron

I enjoy using cast iron pans and dutch ovens when I can, though I will admit it's always been a challenge for me to keep them in good condition. I had a 12" skillet that I used ages ago and allowed to rust. I was able to recover it and now use it whenever I can especially camping. Nice to cook steaks on it over an open fire.

Now, I use an 8" pan almost every morning to make my egg, bacon, and cheese omelet. It lives on the stovetop, back left burner.
I use a 12 skillet a lot. I also use an 8 inch and a griddle quite frequently. And then I have a Le Crusett dutch oven that gets a lot of use.
Ah! I forgot that I do use a griddle when camping, the old-style cast iron that fits over a camp stove or fire. That gets used at least once a trip if not several times. Pancakes, grilled sandwiches etc.

I also use a 9" round cast aluminum dutch oven, specifically for deserts like dump cakes but also for steaming veggies.

I bought it cheap off a camp store online and it gets a lot of use even at home on the charcoal grill.
Oh, yes. I use a round cast iron griddle for making flatbread and tortillas; a cast iron wok; dutch oven for baking some types of bread; 10" and 12" skillets for many other things. I mostly use stainless steel pressure cookers and cast iron pans.
Sure. I've used cast iron since college, almost 50 years. The one good pan we had was an old cast iron Griswold. Our 8 Griswold and a 12 Wagner are in almost daily use, and I have also reconditioned and given many away over the years. Nothing like cast iron for retaining heat or putting in the oven. After a short while, once properly seasoned, taking care of it becomes easy and second nature.
I love cast iron. We have a set of cast iron skillets in three sizes. Cast iron can be used for all sorts of things. I'm either using cast iron or All Clad stainless pans. I don't like pans with a non-stick coating. I find that the All Clad is awesome and easy to clean when you simply soak the pan in water for a few hours. Then a green scrubby cleans it up with only a little bit of elbow grease. And the cast iron is almost easier. I will rinse the pan with a little water, no soap, and simply use a paper towel to wipe up any debris. If stuff still sticks to the pan I'll use a green scrubby, again with no soap, to loosen the black stuff up. Once I'm done, I just rub some olive oil around the pan, heat it up until it's hot, but not smoking, let it cool and give it a final wipe with a paper towel and put it away.
I have a 10 inch cast frying pan that I use for frying up steaks. Can not beat it for good heat dissipation and the temperature is constant for a steak. Also have a Dutch cast iron oven that is just excellent for soups and chili.
Cast iron can be easy to clean also if the cast is machined very smooth with a good coating from the factory.
I love cast iron .. alas we just upgraded to induction (no natural gas at our place and propane tanks weren't really a path I wanted to get into), the roughness of the bottom uncoated classic lodges have made me retire the lodges but we do still use the coated (le creuset ) cast iron. There is something viscerally good about sears on bare metal that I never could reproduce on the le creusets, apparently back in the vintage days there were outside enameled only cast iron (which would be awesome) but apparently more rare than legendary Gillette prototypes or toggles or some such!

[One can use paper etc w/ induction but at the temps you care to do this with, one can scorch the paper ]

I love me some cast iron. Ive got a small collection of vintage Griswold and some newer Lodge cast iron pans.
Ive got one of those Lodge pans with the grates cast into it that I love for grilling brats and chicken during the winter months.
Cast iron retains its heat longer. AGA cookers were invented to exploit this benefit of cast iron.
As also did the old fashioned cast iron radiators for heat retention
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I like cast iron but LOTH does not. I have a couple of cheap cast iron skillet pans that don’t get used and an enamel cast iron fry pan that gets no love.
Me? Huge Fan, including about a dozen Skillets, Grill pans, and Dutch Ovens from Lodge; Two-sided Grill Pan, Dutch ovens, Chicken Fryer and 20 Gallon Jambalaya Pot from Bayou Classic; REAL Cast Iron Woks made and purchased in China, Enameled Cast Iron Stock Pots and Dutch Ovens from Cuisinart, Calphalon, and Lodge; and 14 inch reversable Grill pan made and purchased in China.



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I love cast iron. We have 9 Griswold skillets (sizes 3-10 (two of the 10s)) and 3 Lodge skillets (8", 12", and a larger one that I don't know the diameter of), and a couple of Le Creuset enameled dutch ovens. One of the #10 Griswolds came through my wife's family, and it came with a lid.
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