Cased SS, Slim, SuperAdj, Other DE's, Castle Forbes, 2012 LE Brush

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    Time to sell some duplicates and things I don't/won't use. All prices include shipping for the CONUS, buyers outside of the CONUS are welcome, but extra shipping will be added accordingly. Payments by Paypal only. Tracking confirmation provided for CONUS buyers, insurance is extra. I will be out of town most of tomorrow, sold items will ship on Monday 4/21/14. Preference will be given to CONUS buyers and buyers purchasing multiple items, otherwise it's "first come first served". I will review all PM's this evening and will start replying back to everyone, please be patient. Posting "PM sent" in the thread won't be considered as an offer or for first dibs, offers will be taken by PM only and in the order they are received. I will be happy to answer any questions about the items in the thread. Thanks for looking!

    All of the razors will shine up even better than shown, especially the water spots. I am out of metal polish so they have just been cleaned with soap and water and cloth dried.

    1. 1960 F-3 Gillette Flair tip SS with case and blades, excellent condition $30 SOLD
    One small piece of plastic missing on base of case behind hinge (see picture), case functions perfectly.
    2. 1962 H-3 Slim Adjustable, excellent condition $45 SOLD
    Beautiful Slim, the pictures don't do it justice.
    3. 1964 J-4 Lady Gillette Blue, very good condition $35 SOLD
    Some paint missing in some stars, very minor scratches and light water spots
    4. 1978 Y-1 Black Handled Super Adjustable, good condition $25 SOLD
    Paint missing from numbers, light scratches and very light water spots
    5. 40's SS with notched blade bar, very good condition $25 SOLD
    Light water spots on head, hard to see in the pictures.
    6. 1964 G-4 Ball Tech, excellent condition $20
    Best ball Tech I've seen in person, no dings on the ball end, very close to mint (I don't use the term "mint" lightly)
    7. Made in England Aluminum Handle Tech, excellent condition $25 SOLD
    Very close to mint aside from a few water stains on head
    8. Castle Forbes Lavender A/S Balm, 99% full $25 SOLD
    Used once, didn't care for the Lavender scent
    9. 2012 B&B LE Brush with TGN Knot, unused $85 SOLD
    I am the original owner, the brush is perfect but I'll never bring myself to use it. #62/100, this is the original sale price.



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    All razors are in perfect working condition.
  3. Pm sent on British tech
  4. Very nice stuff to offer.
  5. These look great! I just bought a '62 H-2 Slim this week. Otherwise, I'd definitely be in on one of these. GLWTS!
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    Getting bombed with pm's, I'll start sorting things out earlier than planned.
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    Any item that is still pending payment at midnight CST tonight 4/18/2014, will be offered to the next buyer in line. Thanks for the interest everyone, I'll be out for a few hours later this afternoon so I'll respond asap to any more PMs.
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    Prices reduced on remaining items.

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