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Carwin’s Shave Shop, OKC

Just want to give a shout out and recommendation to Carwin’s Shave Shop in Oklahoma City. This place is awesome and worth checking out if you’re in the area. I was in OKC last week on business and looked forward the picking up a few things while there, but wasn’t prepared for the great customer service and awesome collection of high quality English and U.S brands. Trufitt&Hill, TOBS, Edwin Jagger, St James, Jack Black, AoS, on and on and on. Soaps, creams, blades, brushes, razors, bowls, oils, beard care, body care, cologne, and even some top hats! If you want a traditional shave and a haircut you can get that too. There are private rooms and dedicated barbers practice true traditional barbering (I don’t know the cost as I didn’t get it done).

First day I went in I spent an hour sniffing scents and trying to decide. I narrowed it down to three and the gentleman helping me gave me samples and said to go home and try them then come back. A few days later I went back and picked up my choices. I was thankful for that as I had a hard time using my hard soap with Oklahoma’s super hard water, so the creams were just what I needed.

I live in the Seattle area and we really need a shop like this here. But, alas.

(I am affiliated in no way whatsoever with Carwin’s; I’m just a happy and satisfied customer who believes in passing on good words for deserving small businesses)
Very nice! I hope that more of these kinds of stores pop up in the US. Here in Albuquerque there is a fairly new traditional shave store in historic Old Town called Shaggy & Slicks. I visited a couple of weeks ago for some gifts. I hope the proprietor is successful.
Amazing that there aren't shops like this in Seattle. Or maybe not...
I’m amazed too. There’s a fairly large wet shaving community out here, but nowhere we can go to see or sniff before we buy. It’s like you have to hit up multiple walgreens or bartels to get anything, and that’s just basic basic basic stuff.
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