Cartridge without lubrication strip?

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    Does anyone know of a cartridge razor that does not have a lubrication strip? I still use cartridge from time to time if im in a rush, right now im using a sensor...but im getting fed up with the slimy trails that the strip leaves behind, im sure the layer of slime impacts the closeness of the shave, but it simply feels awful seeing big strings of goo when lifting the razor of your skin after a pass. :thumbdown
  1. Can you not just remove it somehow? Maybe use a *real* razor blade to get it off? Do you have a strop? If so, just run it on the linnen side - that will wear it off. (just be sure to wash away any "goo" on the strip in hot water first, you dont want that stuff on your strop) I keep a Mach3 around to use in the shower for times when I am extremely pressed for time - and I mean I have to be extremely pressed for time. I only own one cartridge for it - I just strop it real good after each use. Keeps it good and sharp, and the "strip" has completely worn away.
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    If you have a Gem Single Edge blade, it would be fairly easy, and safe to scrape the lube strip off. :thumbup1:
  3. You can still get both Trac II and Atra carts without lube strips on e-bay and various other places on the web. The Trac II version is, I believe, more readily available. It's a nice cartridge.
  4. The goop strip on the Schick Hydro 3 is a plastic module which can be pried off quite easily without damaging the rest of the cartridge. It's not cheap, but if you only use it occasionally, might be worth it. It shaves very well.
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  6. I believe you can still buy Bic razors without lube strip at target. I have also seen a razor with one blade and no lube at CVS. Have never used it thou.
  7. Just scrape it off with a knife. Slime is temporary.

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