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Caron Yatagan impressions

I did a search and the newest Yatagan thread is several years old so here goes...

My wife is very sensitive to smells, she HATES vanilla, and many fragrances I've tried. She typically likes aqua/oceanic scents that are popular right now, so with all that in mind, I'd hesitated to try out Yatagan on her.

Well, last evening, since it was later in the day and the odds of giving her a headache were less, I sprayed some on, let it dry down, then asked for her opinion.


I also smelled it in the morning over 12 hours after applying it.

The only two scents that have gotten an usually large number of female compliments have been TOBS Jermyn St. and Creed Aventus. We have a pool party with friends today (read: hot Dallas trophy wives) and I'm showing up wearing Yatagan!

BTW, considering my avatar photo, this is the only fragrance I own that I could imagine Anton Chigurh wearing!!!!
if your wife approves, that's all the affirmation you need.

Anton would wear a dark, brooding, yet captivating scent like Chanel Sycomore.
if your wife approves, that's all the affirmation you need.

Anton would wear a dark, brooding, yet captivating scent like Chanel Sycomore.
He'd probably just smell like gunpowder, I just got my first silencer and it definitely shoots some of the gases back toward the shooter!
My first impression of Yatagan was that it smelled like celery. I was not impressed. Looking on Fragrantica, I am not the only one with that impression.

I wore it a few more times and it grew on me to the point where I bought a full bottle. It has an animalic, savory, almost stew-like scent to it with a woody base note. It sounds weird to describe in words like this as being appealing, but it is wonderful. Definitely sample first before buying a full bottle as it certainly can be a polarizing scent. I recommend it though.

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The celery note passes - the trick is to make sure it's fully dried down before putting your clothes on. If it gets on your clothes then the celery note gets stuck all day.

I wore Yatagan yesterday and forgot to put on a frag today - when I got into my car to run some errands I could clearly smell the Yatagan - no other fragrance has actually stayed in my car overnight!

EDIT: I showered today with Baxter's exfoliating soap and scrubbed with a washcloth, and can STILL detect Yatagan on my arms! Unbelievable staying power!
Later on I realized it was mostly the vetiver note in Yatagan that survived a day and a shower, so I went with Czech & Speake Vetiver for the rest of the day :)
Yeah, Yatagan has amazing longevity. I can get faint sniffs of it on my skin even after 24 hours.

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A classic polarizing scent. I own it. I respect it. But I do not wear it. Definite celery notes to me, but that is not a problem. The vintage version is supposedly stronger and even more distinct.
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