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Carnival of Smiles Contest #4: Spot the Smile!

Contest #4: Spot the Smile!

:a50::smile:Operation Smile:smile::a50:

In honor of the great work done by Operation Smile, I'm placing four smiles at the very bottom of this post. How do you win? Easy -- send me a private message (PM) with your guess as to the identity of all four smiles, in order from left to right. Only one entry per person. Winners will receive the 1st-5th prizes in the order that I receive correct PM's. (PM's only -- Guesses in this thread will be disqualified. Entries from folks with U.S.-based addresses only, please.) As the contest draws on, I'll begin to post clues if need be. Now, on to the prizes! :w00t:

The first prize for this contest is -
a lineup of fine products from

"Razor" Shavecream, Pacific Foam Shaving Gel,
After Shave Care, Oxygen EDT for Men

The second place prize is-
A Simpson X1 brush from

The third place prize is a-
Dirty Bird Scuttle Voucher, redeemable for your choice of a brush scuttle/bowl combination or regular lather scuttle!

The fourth prize is

Shaving factory DE razor, 100 Derby Extra DE blades, Fonex shaving balm, Arko shaving soap stick and Derby shaving cream

The Fifth prize is a


Castle Forbes Travel Kit -Fly Kit Bag. It consists of a travel sized shave cream, Pre Shave and Aftershave balm in a Zip locked bag.
The bags conform with the TSA requirements for Airline travel and can, therefore, be carried as hand luggage.

And please don't forget~
:smile:Operation Smile:smile:

*A donation to Operation Smile is not required to win.

**Badger & Blade.com is not affiliated with Operation Smile nor does B&B derive any benefit from donations made in the name of Badger & Blade.com.

*** Prizes may be subject to change.

**** The final decision on the outcome of all contests rest within the sole discretion of the Moderators and all decisions are final. Any belly-aching will result in an automatic disqualification and removal from any further participation in any other contests for the duration of the Carnival.

*****B&B is not responsible for any prizes that are undelivered to recipient from vendors and/or companies.

Remember, PM's only -- no guesses in this thread -- good luck!
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Chad, is there any chance of getting a bigger picture of #1? Thanks, I can hardly see any detail

Sorry. That's part of the game. And, it's also been guessed correctly already. :wink:

No correct guesses for all four yet, though -- the contest rolls on!
First prize has been won! :w00t:
Second prize, too!
And third!
And now fourth -- one great prize left until I reveal the answers to one and all!
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If it weren't for that first one, I'd have won one of the earlier prizes. I'm totally clueless on that one...
And that's a wrap!

Congratulations to our winners:

Mr. Scruffy

And now, the answers...





Thanks to all who participated, and special thanks to all who have taken a moment to make a donation to :smile:Operation Smile:smile:
Congratulations to the winners. I had 2,3 and 4, but just couldn't figure out 1.

As a tongue in cheek protest, I would contest that Abe isn't really smiling! :wink2:
Congratulations to the winners. I had 2,3 and 4, but just couldn't figure out 1.

As a tongue in cheek protest, I would contest that Abe isn't really smiling! :wink2:

While tongue in cheek, that's exactly why I didn't guess him after debating about it for 10 minutes looking at pics...:rolleyes:
Ahhhh. I knew Jack and Julia right off the bat. I thought the last smile was Tyra Banks. Didn't even think about statues for the first one. Good show and good job to the winners!
Yup I was right about Jack, Julia and Tiger (even found the photos), but I wasn't expecting Abe Lincoln at all. Especially since it was a statue.
Congrats to the winners!
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