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Carnival Contest #12: Tea Term Telepathy

Wow. You earned that one. My tea experience ranges from Best Choice to Lipton with an Arizona thrown in for good measure. Good job!
Thanks for all the kind congratulations.

I remembered seeing crazy acronyms on Special Teas' website.


In 2003 I used green tea to end my Mountain Dew dependency. After giving up on the green tea from Walmart, I ordered some from Special Teas.

Their tea was a huge improvement over grocery store's teabags. On my second order I ordered a quarter pound of mini tuochas. I drank some of them and it was fair, but it reminded me too much of fish tank water.

At the end of 2008 I was doing some reorganizing in the kitchen and I found the canister of the tuochas. I tried the tea and it was good. Not excellent or outstanding but very pleasant.

I browsed the net and stumbled across the PuerhShop and all it took was an order of 'real' puerh cakes and I've been drinking puerh almost everyday.

Since then the information and comments here, along with orders from Steve have really pushed my tea appreciation to the next level.

If your new to tea or curious about puerh this is the best place on the net.