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FS Carbon Cx Copper Razors, replated PreWar Fat Tech, NOS Tech (ball)

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Unfortunately I have to sell off some razors. Life sometimes throws a curveball at you. All prices are shipped CONUS.

1) Carbon Razor CX copper ++ (Italy) - never used, I am the original purchaser in November 2022. - $260

2.) Carbon Razor CX copper (original plate .68) purchased summer 2022 - Rome. Used for exactly one shave - $250

3.) Pre War Fat Tech replated by Black Roads Gold in December 2022. Never used - $75

4.) Ball end tech - bought it from EBay said NOS, but the ball has a little mark on it at the bottom of the handle. I have taken extra pics to exaggerate it with a flashlight. -$25


CX Italy next 2 pics


CX Rome next 2 pics




Taken rom the Carbon website:

*Some notes to help you pick your Base Plate:

(Rome) Original Base Plate - This was our first design configuration, what makes this plate unique is the added blade exposure. It’s still my personal favorite and has a .68mm with positive blade exposure. This design offers a lot of user control with the positive blade exposure. For a milder shave, you can change the angle or “ride the cap” for sensitive parts like the neck. For other areas, you can still have a good amount of efficiency.

+ Base Plate - We reduced the blade exposure from the original but increased the gap to .88mm. This is a nice option if you prefer less blade feel, yet still enjoy a higher efficiency in a razor. This plate is also a nice option if you only shave every 2-3 days...

(Italy) ++ Base Plate - This one is for those who like a very efficient option. This plate is still with positive blade exposure, but has less exposure than the + Base Plate. This razor has a larger 1.08mm gap. If you have thick hair and shave every 4-5 days or just like an efficient razor, this would be the one.
Anyone know if they ever did the web design baseplate with the copper metal?
Nope - these are from his last two releases and the previous two before that were all solid base plates - copper is just that way.

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Not the Nodachi Ti!!! You just got that razor & you love it. Glwts my Friend! Hope all is well.
Thanks, but don’t worry, I have 2 Nodachi razors with the Massamune handles in Ti and
Both are brand brand new and sitting in the box with the certification of Ti from Tatara. I’m breaking one out this weekend and then I’ll probably list the second one. Such a great, close shave with it!
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