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Captains Pipe

Got Black Ship Grooming's Captains Pipe aftershave in today
and it went straight to the top of my favorites. What a great scent!:thumbup1:
I didn't shave today but I've put the a/s on twice, even though
the scent is rather long lasting. I could still smell it several hours
after my first application.
I also recieved Wm Neumans Heartwood, looking forward to using
it tomorrow after a fresh shave.
Keep us updated. I'm particularly interested in its skin conditioning properties. I see it has witch hazel, and no alcohol. I favor alcohol-based splashes, with glycerin. I favor this combination based upon CC's formula, as this is the AS against which I judge all others. Enjoy!
They seem to have quit a lot of after shaves ... which l never can try out cause living in Europe.
Maybe I should rent a big container on ship and stash it with US shaving soap/creams and AS/balms for us Europeans.
oh oh ... correction to be made ... as they do not contain any alcohol, they can be shipped to Europe.
Better quickly order me something to try out ... before I already break my good intentions of 2017 to not buy so much shaving stuff :p
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