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Captain's Choice "Nor'easter"

I have been very fortunate with the Captain's contests and the trial of the new product "Nor'easter" is no exception.


It's ironic that the aftershave arrived in the midst of our first Nor'easter of the season (no snow thank heavens!). We had quite a blow offshore for a few days but minimal damage ashore.


I was eager to try this new product and had to splash some on right away. The scent is "familiar" to me. The menthol level is just right and the scent stays with you. I got "SWMBO's" opinion & actually she proved to be positive. It's rare for her to actually like my aftershaves! I tried my toughest critic (my granddaughter) and it got an enthusiastic thumbs up! This is one that is appealing to everyone it seems.


I think that Nor'easter is a winner. I loved the Venture line when it came out but I think that the Nor'easter is one that will appeal to a lot of users. It's refreshing without being over powering. This is one that will travel with me and see lots of use.
I just got a chance to try it today since it came while we were gone. I would like to thank the Captain for the contest that allowed me to win it. I like the scent. It isn't overpowering and goes with a lot of stuff. I think it will be a hit.