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FSOT Captain's Choice lather bowl, shave cream and razor + blades

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I have more shave gear than I can use right now so I have to let some of it go. My surplus can be your gain! For sale or for trade:

- Captain's Choice ceramic lather bowl still boxed, new and unused.
- Captain's Choice Venture shaving cream new and unused.
- Captain's Choice 3-piece "Secure Grip" razor gently used and still looks like new.
Also included with this package are 10 Wilkinson Sword blades, 5 Rapira Platinum Lux blades and 5 Voskhod teflon coated blades. Selling price $49.00 shipped to USA addresses only or trade for a RazoRock Game Changer .84 with a barberpole handle. Thanks for looking!

Great price! I'm anticipating a CC lather bowl under the tree this year or I'd have bought this lot no question!

GLWTS, I suspect this won't last long.
I’ve wanted one of these bowls for a while now, this is so tempting! My wife would murder me after all my other recent purchases though! Ugh!!!
Great deal! Bumping to hopefully find a buyer for you!

That bowl is gorgeous!

It's kind of hard to capture the look when there is a lot of glare on some of the glaze. On the bottom, the dark rings are a smooth, shiny glaze and the raised rings have a bit of texture to them so there are two different textures on the bottom. If I didn't already have a lather bowl that I loved I'd use this one without a second thought.
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