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Captain's Choice does a strip tease of sorts with NEW PRODUCT

As many of you are aware (since you helped - again!) we are on the cusp of releasing a second aftershave. It has been out on test for some time now and the reviews have been outstanding. Here is how it is different: it has significantly more burn upon application. It goes on and your first thought is that you don't notice anything. Then it starts. The warming begins slowly and builds and builds and builds! Then it plateaus with a thorough warming sensation like you have never felt before. A wonderful experience to be enjoyed first hand I can assure you!

Guys keep asking me, "How much LONGER until I can buy a whole bottle???" At last, the day is nigh - next week it goes on sale. The release date and place is October 24 at The Great Shave 2012 here in Chicago. We have been asked to attend again this year as vendors and will be on hand to let you try it and answer any questions you may have. The store that will be set up for the event will have it available to buy. Our ever popular Original version of Captain's Choice will also be available.

Over the next couple of days I thought it might be fun to s-l-o-w-l-y reveal the product to you. So here is a picture for tonight and I will post another tomorrow morning and the next day... until the FULL reveal! You will notice the same size bottle but this time amber to better distinguish between the two products. Tune in tomorrow morning for a first look at some of the label. And I have to tell you, we LOVE the label - so perfect. A very BIG thank you goes to Gareth (The Handlebar Supply) for some helpful suggestions on the label! :thumbup:

Oh, I couldn't wait and so just HAD to let you have a peek...

Here is a corner of our new label and a preview of what all users have to look forward to upon application! Other than the words can anyone spot another difference from the pic?

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Sounds like an aftershave I will love, I enjoy the burn and your new aftershave has me intrigued how it builds up more and more burn. Looking forward to it.
I was lucky enough to be a tester of this fine product, and I can't wait to buy a bottle. Just like the original AS, this one is a winner. :thumbup:
Glad I could help, can't wait to see the finished product. Love the amber bottle too!
As to the difference you mention... I assume its the red border?
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Yeah, the red border, for the extra burn. Can't wait to try it!

I love the clear and colorless bottle of the original but the dark one has its own charms. It will be nice to have both.
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Scott, the original Captain's Choice has just the right amount of burn for me, but I just wanted to offer my congratulations on developing what I'm sure will be another fantastic and well-received product. Sorry I can't be there at the Great Shave this year, but best of luck on the product release!!
Glad I could help, can't wait to see the finished product. Love the amber bottle too!
As to the difference you mention... I assume its the red border?
Ah, yes Gareth has spotted it. Our Captain's Choice Original (as we have begun calling it) has a green border and for the sake of invoking an element of d-a-n-g-e-r we have chosen a red border for this one to accompany the "warning" to "Feel the BURN."

Here is the picture for today, revealing just a bit more - a hint at the name and sporting a new font. Anybody remember the name we were considering?

Another day and another part of the perpetual picture puzzle perplexing photo.

What are those, are they strings? Or are they made of something more substantial - leather perhaps?

The next picture will reveal the entire bottle and new label, stay tuned!

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I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the testers for this new product and it does not disappoint. It burns, but definitely in a good way. I highly recommend it.
Congrats Scott!...I too was lucky to try this kicked up a notch version of CC and absolutely loved it!!! Glad it's coming to market and highly recommend it to all.
Awesome! From what I can tell it's another Bay Rum, is that correct? Can't wait if so...Good Luck with the launch!
so will this smell the same as your current bay, which i just ordered a sample of...received it today and promply ordered a bottle.

Or will this be a bit spicier