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Captain's Choice Copper Bowl

I'm thinking about getting a Captain's Choice copper bowl and was wondering about the differences between the 2 they offer. One is a heavy weight with a flared edge and the other is lighter with a rolled edge. I'm leaning towards the standard rolled edge, but curious about he heavy weight. Anyone have both that could shed some light on these? I know the heavier one is about twice the weight of the standard bowl....just wondering if it's better to have heavier or not.

I currently use a cheapie Turkish copper bowl I got on ebay a year or so ago. Thinking either one of the Captain's Choice bowls will be more substantial.
Thank you for the link. I saw that earlier, but got busy and didn't finish reading it....very helpful.
I’m very pleased with my rolled edge bowl. In fact, now that I’ve owned it I don’t know that I’d want the heavier one. When making my initial purchase I thought, “double the copper and weight for only $10-15 more? Why wouldn’t I?” But by the time I placed the order only the rolled edge was available. I will tell you it has plenty of heft, is not flimsy or thin/cheap, and will likely out last me. It’s a great balance of weight and comfort. A heavier one would be more similar to pottery which aren’t as comfortable to hold due to the weight.
I have the heavy. IMHO it's overkill, but I like it and don't regret the purchase at all. I think I would have been perfectly content with the lighter one.
I too have the heavy and really like it. I do not think it is overkill but that is a matter of opinion. I like the solid feel and wanted something which will be more stable in my sink. I also like the fact that I can run my brush side against the flared edge when I make lather to pull the existing lather into the bowl. I also like the feel that I have when my thumb rests against the CC emblem as I lift the bowl with my hand. The bowl has a great hand feel. I keep the bowl in hot water then lift it out to work the lather, placing it back in the hot water when I done working the lather. I suspect a heavier weight maintains warmth a little better.
I've been thinking about burnishing off the emblem on the copper bowl and form fitting it into a large ceramic Captain's bowl. Maybe it needs some insulation, but I'm thinking just the form fit would make it perfect. Place it all under warm water and preheat it before stirring up a lather... yum. :) Anywho, too lazy so far; but tomorrow's another day!
Just ordered the heavy bowl yesterday. Looks pretty nice. I weighed my current ceramic bowl that I've used for the last 8 years and it weighed 17oz so this "heavy" 10oz bowl will probably feel like nothing to me.
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