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Captain's Choice Bay Rum post shave products. Balm or Aftershave? Regular Bay Rum aftershave or Cat'o Nine Tails??

After suffering through 19 straight days of Arko August (and 12 more to go!), I feel like I deserve to treat myself with a Bay Rum soap from @Captain Pre-Capsize. I am having some decision making difficulties with his post shave products. I have used his Lime Shave Balm (really great stuff) and his Venture and Nor'Easter aftershave lotions (also really great stuff!). I am looking for input from those that have used these products.
Did you see the vintage bottle option? 🤑
I did but as I bought the soap, balm, aftershave and the tuxedo brush I felt like the vintage bottle was more splurge than I wanted to commit to right now. I did ask Scott if he would include a sample vial of Cat O' Nine Tails. If I really like that then I might go for the vintage bottle/ Cat O' Nine Tails combo in my next order.
Big fan of the captain's bay rum splash. you can always add some menthol crystals if you wish a bit of briskness. however, i find most of the artisan menthol splashes have too much menthol.
I have Nor'Easter soap and aftershave and they have just the right amount of menthol for me. The Bay Rum set will have lot's of company with my Captain's Choice Lime, Venture and Nor'Easter sets. I suppose that eventually I will have them all!
Cat o nine tails was/is my first un-mentholated AS and I am very pleased with this product from Captains. I received a bottle of this with the bay rum the other day and I love it. Its darker, spicy and masculin imo. It compliments the bay rum soap of which I grabbed as well pefectily. I personally did not notice a "heat" with this AS but I would definitely recommend it to you as I like it and the war department approves. You should should just go ahead and pick up a bottle..


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I have both their regular Bay Rum and their Cat-o'-nine-tails Bay Rum. I find the regular to be a tad more aromatic. The Cat-o'-nine-tails will wake you up in the morning better. I use both and find both products to be keepers.
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