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I am hoping to finally banish my red irritated neck for good. I hope that with a bit of guidance from you folks I will be able to achieve this feat.

I got this funky beard growth that grows everywhere from NE to SW, and respectively the opposite (NW-SE) on the other side of my melon. I try to shave in the same growth direction or with the grain. No matter what it just looks like I shaved with a weed-whacker (Sensor 3 & Nivea Gel or Noxema Cream). Smooth in some spots and burley in others, accompanied by the red bumpy neck. Right after shaving it seems like those little hairs duck down and dig right into my skin. Some of which become those little nasty
in-growns. I do try to take my time… I shave after the shower, I let the lather marinate on my face for a minute, and I don’t apply any pressure when shaving.

I just ordered a Merkur HD, a Vulfix 2234, Trumper’s Skin Food and a tin of Taylor's Rose.

So now I sit and wait for the delivery guy. I can’t wait… I’m sure that I’ll have lots of questions and that hopefully you gents will have lots of solutions.

Welcome to B&B!

I got into wetshaving for the very same reason - red and bumpy neck irritation. That's been completely resolved thanks to the guidance of everyone here.

That's a great starting set up you purchased. It will take a little while to get the results your looking for, but feel free to ask ?'s and search through the old forums.

Getting the right blade angle and right shaving cream consistency (water to cream to swirl ratio) were the biggest challenges for me.

Good luck!
Best move you'll ever make, Tito! I too suffered from terrible razor burn. No matter what I did, or what I'd slather on it, it would show up. After switching to a DE and using a brush, I barely remember what razor burn looks like:)
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