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Can't see anything going wrong with this, can you?

What's worse than a vibrating razor? Hmmm oh I know, disposable cartridges with molten hot razors. Imagine how much the cartridges will cost. I'm already forseeing $30-40 for 4.
If I want a heated shave, I'll stick with making lather in my warm scuttle or add capsaicin oil to my lather.
The last cart I used (and still use only when traveling by air and carrying on) was a Mach 3. The regular version. I refused to go for all the different machinations. It worked fine for what it was just as it was. I refused to go for the Fusion with 5 blades. I figure if it can't shave me properly with 3, 5 won't be any better and could actually turn into a nightmare, not only for my face but my wallet. I rarely use it since April 2016 when I converted to shaving with a DE and I'm not looking back. A heated razor? Oh come on......
How about if you dip your razor in hot water for 10 seconds. That might work. But it wouldn't make money for Gillette, so it must be a bad idea. Sorry I brought it up.

Ah, but that way there's a serious danger of scalding your face, if the water is too hot, or possibly getting frost nip, if there are icebergs floating around in your hand basin. A battery powered heating element is obviously much safer.
Hmmmmmmmmm, a Heated Razor - I must add one to my wishist...........
Along with the Chocolate Fireguard and the Motorcycle Ashtray :001_tt2:
Because, running your razor under hot water is too difficult, right?

Another solution in search of its problem
But didn't you read this quote from the patent application?

"Accordingly, there is a need to provide a shaving razor capable of delivering safe and reliable heating that is noticeable to the consumer during a shaving stroke."

Apparently this is an necessary product. How have we gotten this far without it?

I have a Mach 3 that vibrates. Supposed to help with razor rash...doesn't work. It is what I am currently using.
If you are using something that doesn't work, try something else. Have you tried DE yet? I was using a Mach 3 and was getting horrible razor burn on my neck. I switch to DE and the razor burn went away and I never looked back. So much happier using vintage DE razors.
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