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Canned goo: Vintage vs Modern

So while cleaning out an old hair salon, I came across a few cans of Gillette Foamy from the 1970s. I thought what the heck, and brought them home. I got the bright idea of giving them a try vs modern Foamy. This morning I washed my face as usual and lathered up. One side with vintage "sensitive skin" and the other with modern regular. I have to say, I loved the smell of the vintage compared to today's. That being said, the vintage just didn't lubricate like the modern...well as much as canned goo can lubricate. The shave was a bit on the rugged side with some razor burn and a weeper or two. The modern side went without a hitch. Conclusion, while the new stuff many not smell as good, it does not seem to work as well. On a side note, there was also a can of vintage red can Noxema. That stuff is GREAT! I wish they still made it! For what is is worth, the razor used was a Slim Adjustable set to 7 with a Brazil made GPP blade.
Seems like an interesting test! I didn’t even realize canned goo would still be usable from the 70s.

I wonder if a puck of soap from the 70s would still provide decent lather?


The Aussie Bulldog
I have not tried any vintage canned products but the modern is still pretty good IMHO. The only time that I tried to use a vintage can of foam it would not come out of the can. You could hear the contents inside the can when you shook it up but when you pressed the button thing down nothing came out.
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